Things that make me smile…

I decided to make a nice page for once, one not filled with my moaning and what better way to do that but in pictures of the things that do make me smile.

So for starters…my therapist Toby (my dog to those who don’t know him)

My gorgeous Mutt wondering what the weird clicking noise is…
Play time! he never gives up when it comes to tug of war or trying to get to a cat 😛

Ok enough of the pooch….well one more but only because of the courgette I grew sitting in front of him….yes before you complain it definitely is a courgette I just seemed to have a knack for them…

And finally….the sky on a clear night when you can seem to see every bump on the moon or just feel the crisp clarity of the air around me will always make me happy no matter how cold it is!

From my back door a beautiful clear night that I managed to get a on camera.

There are probably more things that will be added over time if I remember and if I can get away with putting the pictures up but for the moment it’s a start! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Things that make me smile…

    1. Thank you It was so beautiful I wish my phone had done it justice. Hehe do an interview from the point of Toby…he’d bite the idiots for their behaviour and as for sex while he’s around? lets just say he can be a little distracting sometimes lol.

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