conquering the ‘Meh’

Turn on the telly feeling …well, Meh…. and trawl through the channels feeling worse with each channel more rubbish than the next when suddenly…Singing in the rain is on.

If anything is guaranteed to get me out of a funk it’s musicals especially the old ones. I have a collection building of DVD’s from Disney musical cartoons all the way through to Sweeney Todd, but give me a bit of Singing in the rain, High society or South pacific etc. and I’m always going to end up with a smile on my face singing along to them.

 I have always loved musicals and remember many a happy wet and cold weekend spent curled up on the sofa as a child watching them with my mum as well as whilst trying to get rid of a hangover with some of my old housemates.

They are life but not as we know it, songs making even the worst situations seem not so bad. I dare any woman whose had a bad relationship  to watch Chicago and when it get’s to ‘He had it coming’ not be joining in and thinking all those women should be let off lol.

In fact I think that will be the next one on tonight to keep my mood up now I’ve started.


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