Battling the invertebrates!

This weather has been hell for my garden, rain, rain and more rain has meant a lot of the vegetables I planted have just decided not to come up or have tried and rotted in the ground. It’s quite upsetting really to know that my veggie patch won’t be full of green this year that I’ve cultivated myself, but that’s the way the weather works!

The thing that has really bugged me (pun intended) is that the bedding plants I put in…have disappeared! Within 2 days they had been eaten down to the stalk by the gardeners pest….slugs and snails.

This weather is perfect for them and they can launch a pretty much 24 hour attack on my plants. But last night I finally had had enough and started my own attack, a three pronged attack at that. I crunched up all the egg shells I’ve been saving and scattered them around the worst mutilated plants, try slithering over those you nasty little things. I made beer traps out of old jam jars and placed them around the garden and finally….out came the salt. Every slug and snail I saw was salted and left for any predator that wants them, slightly mean I know but when they are as out of control as they are….battle has commenced and I will show no mercy.

I don’t believe in slug pellets, not with my dog trotting around the garden, cats coming in and out and the fact that the poison works it’s way up the food chain so back to the old fashioned remedies it is in my garden. If it wasn’t so wet I’d try planting basil again as it deters the little blighters, but it wouldn’t stand a chance in the soggy soil.

After a quick look this morning I know that the beer traps have worked, it rained overnight so the salt dissolved but slugs and snails beware it will be coming out again tonight!

I will not be made to feel a failure by these creatures, seeds will be replanted and my garden will be filled with flowers and  vegetables as always. I see hope in my peas sprouting, some of the sprouts, cabbages, potatoes and broccoli trying their hardest to grow no matter how much it rains on them. Come on garden you can do it!


2 thoughts on “Battling the invertebrates!

    1. Lmfao, good on you! don’t suppose you remember the bath to the house in our second year? every night it would be covered in snails and as we staggered home from the pub would have to crunch our way to the front door!

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