Me vs Drugs

Ohhhh my head is not happy, I said in a past post that I was back on the antidepressants see ‘back in the saddle again’. I went for a review with the doc this week and said to him I thought I might not be getting on with them too well as I was having problems with being tired all the time and my anxiety was getting worse again. He gave me three options, one it was possible that I was just on too lower dose still so it wasn’t doing the job it should be and to increase the dose. Two was that I was right and the drugs didn’t suit me so I could come off them and try something different. Three was to come off them and see if it made any difference to the fatigue as it is possible that it’s MS kicking my arse not the drugs.

I’ve gone for upping the dose and after running around Leeds to try and fill the prescription, as no one seemed to have the pills I needed, I started this morning. It might just be I’ve chosen the wrong option, my head feels as fuzzy as a bag of cotton wool and all I want to do is sleep, my mouth is dry and there’s a suspicious ache in my back that says my liver may not be happy. Luckily I’m off work for the next few days, so Venlafaxine you have until then to behave yourself or you are being thrown away and never coming back. Anyone else ever feel like your being your own personal clinical trial? I do wish humans were a little less awkward and our reactions to drugs could be accurately predicted….but where would the fun be in that?



3 thoughts on “Me vs Drugs

  1. Join the race. I stopped taking anti-depressants and switched to depraloft. It combines a lot of different vitamins and minerals. I was never certain that the anti-depressants worked.

  2. I’l swear by anti depressants. They saved my life. I’ve been on them almost continuously for 25 years. I know that all four that I take can cause mental confusion and memory loss, so you’re right, it can be hard to figure if it’s the drugs or the disease (MS). I’ve never heard of a reaction to antidepressants like yours, but there are a lot of different ones out there, maybe you just need to try a different one. Though some people manage just fine taking their ups with their downs without the interference of drugs.

    Good luck. Imho you should try another antiD, speak to a psychologist too. Together they can be extremely beneficial.

    1. I think I’ve got used to them now, upping them seems to have been the right choice. I’m gonna get in to see the GP who specialises in mental health and ask him to refer me back to the psych team to figure all this out. Thanks for your reply 🙂

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