What a farce…

Well guys and girls I think it’s official that the past 3 days have been the worst long weekend I’ve had in a long time. Friday night was terrible, I had spent it relaxing and watching rubbish TV quite happily after a tiring week at work, when all of a sudden I receive a phone call from my partner. Something had happened to his grandmother ending up with her heading into hospital, his mother was at the police station as was his brother. Now his brother was no surprise but his mother? that was something I wasn’t expecting sure she’s gobby when she wants to be but doesn’t do anything that would make her end up there.

So at 1am I get dressed and drive him to the station, no luck they won’t let us know what’s happening, so to the hospital where his Grandma is to find some other family along with a police inspector in A&E with her. She is in her mid 90’s and the funniest lovely woman you’ll ever meet, but scared about being in hospital as most people her age tend to be and being questioned about what had happened. It was a farce, and utter farce! The police had forced their way into the house and past my partners mother (lets call her Trisha), knocking his grandmother over in the process, they live together and Trisha is her sole carer. Instead they claim to have seen her being pushed over by Trisha and had arrested her for abuse. Oh the memory of this is making me so angry and the rest of the night did not help, having to convince doctors (who bless them were just doing their job) to let her go home where I would care for her until this all got sorted and Trisha could come home.

Now the next morning after about 2 hours sleep as grandma and I didn’t manage much, a breakfast that I had to convince her to have. More police turn up, this time from the Crown prosecution service, it was only then I got the full story and found out that 4 male police officers had been forcing their way into the house unlawfully, to cover their backs about the fall of an elderly lady in the process they have all signed statements to say Trisha pushed her over! The officers from the CPS claim to be impartial but one of them was obviously convinced that Grandma was lying to cover her daughters back even though she told them that was a load of rubbish and if she had done would have been the first to tell her off for it! ‘Do you really think that 4 officers would risk their jobs to lie about something like this?’ well yes officer I do when it comes to covering their backs over unlawful entry, assault on Trisha (the bruises are scary) and knocking over a woman whose nearly reached a century all because Trisha shouted at them and was trying to go into her house to calm down after seeing her son arrested.

Trisha was eventually released in the early evening, shaking, crying and covered in bruises, having missed her medication for angina, depression and many other things that the nurse on duty should have known was dangerous to miss. Charged with things that should have just been a slap on the wrist and things that were utter rubbish.

I have never been a person to speak badly of the police force, they do a hard job and for the most part do it with dignity and as much patience as they can. But after this? I will look at them very differently. I will wonder just how far they will go to cover their backs and those of the other officers working along side them.

It took me all of yesterday to get over the lack of sleep and stress, my fatigue was so bad I could hardly move off the sofa and the migraine that came was a real doozy. It had made me think twice about the relationship and whether I should really be involved in this family when if I ever get a police record I will lose my job. Can I put up with the stress that it has caused me? would I be breaking up with him for a real reason rather than the BPD instigated paranoia? I will continue to question this this week and try to come to a sensible conclusion about the whole thing as to whether I get more out of my relationship than I have to put into it.

Oh I wish I could clear my head of the whole weekend.

Sorry about it being a ranting post guys, but I had to clear my head somewhere. Thankyou for listening as always.


One thought on “What a farce…

  1. I’ve been through similar episode, though not the police, with military officers, who often abuse their position. What’s more, many ex-military enter the police force. Most people will do what they can, or what they feel they have to, to cover their ass and keep themselves employed. It’s truly frightening to come up against that power. Frightening, and immensely frustrating. All you can be is happy you haven’t ended up in prison.

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