I’m having a floppy day, it’s hot and sticky and I didn’t sleep well last night. I have a funny feeling that I gave myself heatstroke yesterday and woke up with a headache that just wouldn’t go away even after I managed to get a little more sleep. So glad I’m not at work today.

I don’t deal well with heat, it makes my fatigue so bad that I find it hard to move and all I want to do is sit in my living room preferably with a fan on me and some icecream. My dog is looking at me as if to say he wants to go out for a walk but I just can’t face it, he has the run of the garden with the back door open all day to let him trot around out there as much as he would like but I still feel horribly guilty at times like this. I know that there are dogs out there who have it much worse, are mistreated, never walked, kept outside in small concrete ‘cells’ as I think of them and compared to them he is a lucky dog but I feel terrible none the less. When I first got him I would take him for long walks for hours, now he tends to have to put up with short walks with the occasional longer one when my body can cope with it. MS is cruel especially when you can’t explain to a dog that you’re having a bad day and it’s just not possible.

I think I’ll get some ice cubes out for Toby as a treat because he’s probably just as hot and sticky as me just less likely to complain about it! While he crunches I think I’ll do a rain dance to encourage the nasty grey clouds up above that are making it so humid to open up and rain!


4 thoughts on “flop….

    1. The clouds never gave what they promised lol it’s still sticky and humid and nasty so icecubes and fans all round! Glad you don’t find it affects you too much I know my best friend is the same she can still be as normal in the heat 🙂

  1. Don’t feel bad, I’m sure he has a lovely life.
    Just be careful with ice cubes though, If you give them when it’s hot you can cause them to have bloat (which can be fatal). If you google ice cubes and bloat you will find lots of information on it and warnings xxx

  2. Ohhh I’ve never heard of that before. Apparently it’s an urban myth though from the info I can find it is all based on one email that does the rounds every so often and bloat is more likely to be caused by food being eaten too fast, too large a meal, feeding once a day, elevated feeding bowls and genetic predisposition. I’ll watch him carefully but I don’t think I’ll stop giving him ice cubes as he’s terrible for getting heat stroke and terrifying the life out of me that way as he often won’t drink water when he’s too hot! xx

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