An apology for the last one…

I’ve deleted my post on Awards. I wrote it when tired and upset, feeling alone and generally sorry for myself.

To anyone who read it I apologise if I made you feel bad for the awards you have received that was never my intention. You deserve every one that you get and I hope you continue to be proud of them!

I came on this morning with a thought about deleting it anyway and after seeing that it had made people feel bad I’ve done it. I was torn between thinking I might have been speaking up for people who don’t get them and not wanting to hurt the people who deserve the acknowledgement of the effort they put into their work.

I think from now on that any blog I write when I’m tired I will need to save and only publish after I’ve had a good nights sleep, delay the urge so to speak!


5 thoughts on “An apology for the last one…

    1. Oh good, thankyou 🙂 You weren’t the only one though and I realised I was just being too…well BPD about the whole thing lol. That mixture of my feeling the green eyed monster and Lonely little school girl..I really should try and combat it more and remember I’m not at school any more especially when I know you ladies don’t behave like the bullies I went to school with! xx

      1. I’m sorry to hear you were bullied. I went through the same…so I can easily understand why it made you feel the way you felt about it. I know it’s really hard to overcome bullying…. and I often tend to act the way I would have acted at school too – simply to protect myself. xx

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