Alice, Alice, who the *bleep* is Alice??

**WARNING***Don’t watch the video if you don’t like swearing! ***

Well my dear bloggers Alice is my car, so dubbed as this was the first song I sang along to in her and it has stuck!

She has been my lifeline to the world through these last few tough years and I dread the day I will need to quit driving due to my MS but I’ve been given the all clear for the next 3 years so we’re still a partnership for now 🙂

Today I have taken her in for her MOT and service and oh my. Just had a phone call from the garage and they had bad news she has failed her MOT on quite a few counts, some small (windscreen wipers) and some quite big that my memory is not allowing me access to at this moment in time. They said I could just do what was needed for the MOT for around 345 pounds or do everything that was wrong with her for £55o odd pounds. That seems to be the magic number for her this year! my insurance came to £555 and now all the work she needs doing has come to the same, it wouldn’t surprise me if that’s how much my petrol has cost this year too at this rate! lol

The anxiety I feel over these things means that now I know there is something wrong I can’t just leave it till later and still drive her happily so I’ve told them to do the whole lot in one go, I’ll have to dip into my savings again but for peace of mind I’ll do it.

I pretty anxious after leaving her at the garage so took a wander through my home town and did a bit of charity shop hopping, got some bargains and got the shopping buzz of having full bags for an awful lot less than if I’d gone to highstreet shops not emptying my wallet and not buying anything that I won’t use (which I’m rather proud of) then got the bus home. Now I don’t like buses and don’t usually get them as I have Alice but today obviously I didn’t have much choice. I luckily found the right bus at the stop ready to leave so didn’t have much time to sit worrying before it set off feeling relatively calm even after using my disabled bus pass which always makes me paranoid. The anxiety rose I rode that bus as it twisted and turned round the streets always worrying that I was on the wrong bus after all and would end up somewhere I don’t know, until I saw the familiar streets surrounding my estate when the panic suddenly disappeared. It always amazes me how that happens, how I can feel ready to pass out one minute and the next…fine other than a residual sweat and a bad taste in my mouth.

As I went to get off the bus an old man was in front of me, obviously confused by the bus stopping at the lights and getting agitated when the doors didn’t open. Straight away I was in carer mode and chatted to him ever vigilant for a trip or slip as we strolled down the road together. There was something that told me to keep an eye on this little fella and as usual my instincts were right as we went to a narrow part of the path and he walked behind me I felt him land against me after he had tripped over a raised flag stone. Bless him he couldn’t apologise enough but I told him not to be daft and that I wouldn’t have wanted him to fall instead, that my legs cause trouble too, I completely understood why it had happened and even as I broke away from him to go down my street I would keep my eye on him to make sure he made it in OK.

Show me one person who wouldn’t have done the same because they were too busy/couldn’t be bothered and I’ll show you someone who I probably wouldn’t be able to be friends with for long. If we don’t look after the older generation then who will? I can only hope that if someone saw me in the same position when I’m his age or having a bad MS day that they would do the same for me!


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