The Sisterhood…


Now I am a little torn by these awards as some of you will know but I have decided I can’t not post this as I love the idea of their being a Sisterhood of bloggers 🙂 We support each other in our struggles, forming our little Blogging family of people we trust to read our most intimate thoughts. No matter how difficult the topic someone is always ready with a kind word and support or guidance.

A lovely lady who writes Pensees sans frontiers has nominated me for this award and I thank her yet again for the honour of being invited to join the Sisterhood.

Rules for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  • Thank the giver.
  • Post seven things about yourself.
  • Pass the award on to seven other bloggers and let them know they’ve been nominated.
  • Include the logo of the award in a post or on your blog.

OK so seven things about me…

1. I was diagnosed with relapsing remitting Multiple Sclerosis around 4 years ago and struggle with the symptoms quite a lot at the moment though my Rebif injections are controlling the relapses pretty well.

2. I’m a big animal lover and would do anything for my dog Toby.

3. I love crafts doing embroidery, knitting, drawing and anything else that keeps my hands and mind busy.

4. There’s nothing better than getting my hands mucky in the garden or going out into the countryside it helps me feel grounded and closer to Mother nature.

5. I believe in ghosts, the afterlife and their ability to communicate with us after they’re gone.

6. Films are a big part of me, I have a ridiculous amount of DVD’s that have built up over the years.

7. My favourite birds are blackbirds, there’s something about them and the intelligence in their eyes that I love, such a shame that they don’t seem to come in my garden much.


Right now for the other ladies I feel should be given this award.

Cherishfreedom a young woman with so much strength and so much to say.

Doggonedmysteries who always makes me smile.

appletonavenue a writer who is finding her inspiration again.

you know you’re borderline when A very insightful lady who has opened my eyes to some parts of BPD I thought were just me!

The inside voice aka scrathers, my lovely friend who has an amazing way with words.

living with bpd such a strong woman with so much to share

Through my eyes: Adventures in Borderline land Yet another strong woman who writes through her struggles.


All of the above ladies are the writers of blogs that have touched me, helped me through and shown their worth to the Sisterhood 🙂



12 thoughts on “The Sisterhood…

      1. No, that’s fine. It came from pensées – if anyone looks, they’ll just have to accept me, warts and all! 😉
        Thanks for the thought though. ♡

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