going AWOL

I’m still here…just not in the mind set to write. I’ve been trying to clean my house ready for a visitor of the four legged variety, I’ll be dog sitting for my friends dog Angus for the next week or so and as he’s a bit of an unknown quantity I decided to try and tidy the kitchen and living room so that I wasn’t scared he’d be confused by the utter state my house is.

I haven’t even managed to read a lot of the blogs I follow as I have been easily triggered these past few days so haven’t dared to read anything I thought might make me binge again or unable to move from the sofa any more than already. I really wish that the doctor had timed his phone call better so I hadn’t missed it…what kind of GP phones you at 6.45pm? lol ah well I’ll have to try again on monday :S


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