The holiday begins

I have a weeks annual leave this week and though at the moment I’m too tired after my last shift, it being a late shift, I will be catching up on what everyone has been writing and on my own blog this week.

It’s possibly bad that I feel so guilty about not managing much on here this week as I’ve been doing so much over time but on the positive side…I’ve actually stuck with it! It’s a rarity believe me, this sort of thing tends to last a very short amount of time for me, the slightest reason and it goes out of the window! I’m not the sort of person who still has a whole load of diaries from my childhood filled with thoughts, mostly due to my sisters habit of reading it making me too paranoid to actually write anything in it.

So for now, I will wish you all a good night, with hopes that those of you who have a bank holiday this week have had a good one and enjoy the last day of it tomorrow.

Hurrah for annual leave, hurrah!


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