The curse of the start of annual leave

Ah the true start of any annual leave is not the last shift but the first morning I wake up and have a sore throat, head and feel like crap. My mum did say at one point she was going to ban me from having holiday from work as I always seem to get poorly! Unfortunately she isn’t wrong, without fail during my last shift I will start to feel grotty and by the next morning be like I am today…blowing my nose ever 2 minutes with a sore head aching muscles and a wish that I had Lemsip in the house.

I’m sure there must be a logical reason, perhaps it’s due to the fact that I always tend to have to over work before I leave to take time off or maybe it’s psychosomatic and my head tells my body that now is a good time to give up and stop fighting whatever is lurking as now I won’t get into trouble from having time off.

Whatever it is I really wish it would stop! The dogs and I are curled up on the sofa under a blanket listening to the rain outside and watching Poirot on the TV, soon I’ll be watching girly or kids dvd’s with a hot drink and some comfort food until I feel well enough to take them out and go to the shop for Beechams powders.

It always makes me think of a rhyme that starts…’Atishoo atishoo I have such a cold…’ but I can’t remember how it goes and it’s not coming up on google or I would have put it on here for the rest of you to have it singing in your heads too lol I’ll have to ask my mum when I call her later, she’ll know what it is and how it goes. I learnt it from her after all!

For now though, I’m going to eat a pizza that is cooking away in the oven and be annoyed at the fact that I’ve had to turn the heating on for the first time in months because I’m cold and not just to get my washing dry. MMmmm pizza at least I haven’t lost my appetite lol



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