And normality will resume in..4…3…2….1…

I may still feel like crap warmed up but at least I feel a little less zoned out. My brain seems to have accepted that I have time to do things even if my body has not so I’m baaaaccckkk!

OK so some of you may remember that I’m looking after my friends dog while they’re away in France on holiday and I thought I would introduce you to Tobys new little housemate.


So everyone please welcome the new little fluff ball to my pages, this is Angus. He’s a 14 yr old Lhasa apso with allergies, bad skin and a gammy eye.

But he’s a little softy, always cuddling into me especially in bed and when he’s cold.

Luckily other than when Toby has a dental stick to chew on they have gotten on really well, I have to separate them when they eat as Angus is a scrounger and Toby is a jealous eater. Now Toby has never humped anything as long as I’ve had him but Angus? Well Angus has tried to hump my arm of all things quite a few times and tried to mount Toby until he got growled at and learnt his lesson haha.

It’s strange looking after the dog someone else owns. They have strange habits to get used to like his whining, the fact he wakes me up on a morning, he poops lots on walks so I have to take bags with me (Toby never does unless we’re at the caravan) and oh boy can he beg when he wants to have some of my food (not that he gets any mind!).

He’s going to be picked up either tomorrow or Thursday and part of me will miss the little tinker but I’m also worried now. What if I haven’t looked after him well enough? What if my friend thinks I’ve done a bad job with him? My OCD when it comes to dry skin has been severely triggered with him around especially because it’s so thick on his back. It’s a weird thing that I’ve always had to do…any dry skin that is layered on the surface like cradle cap…I just HAVE to pick! I used to groom my mum like a little monkey as a child when she had a bad scalp, getting rid of it all with my finger nail and looking after infants at the nursery I had to fight that impulse soooo hard. But this past week I haven’t always been able to resist…I’d be sat stroking him and as I found a patch of skin and fur that had matted together, well I just HAD TO pick at it. Bless him he never complained just occasionally walked away and now, those areas that were a little bald from someone grooming him before he came are now much bigger. I’ve been treating his skin with sudocreme to try and help it too and oh my the poor little thing looks a little silly with a big white patch in the middle of his back.

Only time and their arrival back will tell as to whether I get into trouble over it…hopefully they will see why I’ve done it. Yes it was partly because of my compulsion but mostly to try and hep poor old Angus, it can’t be nice for him to have that skin where he can’t reach.


OK enough about the dogs I got very giddy this morning when I went out to inspect my garden and spotted something…..

A plant I had once tried to grow from seed that I saw out on a walk but it unfortunately died over a harsh winter. I found it by chance when shopping for climbing plants and I was so happy to see it finally flower!

It’s one of the prettiest blooms I’ve ever seen and now I have it in my garden! there are more buds just waiting to come out and I can’t wait. All the effort I’ve made to keep it safe from slugs and snails is worth it now I can see those flowers appearing making my garden look just a little more pretty 🙂

Well the sun is shining, my head is hurting less and my nose is feeling less snotty. So far my vacation from work is going pretty well I’d say! Fingers crossed it just gets better.




10 thoughts on “And normality will resume in..4…3…2….1…

    1. I hope so, I might have to have words with them about how it’s being treated up till now. I’ve just given him another bath in Hibiscrub (an antiseptic wash) and his skin seems clearer. Maybe the vet will have some more ideas about how to treat it if they take him again…apparently he doesn’t like his dad grooming him but for some reason he hasn’t minded me lol xx

      1. I know Hibiscrub… although I know it as Chlorohexadine (damn Uni education). Just make sure you get it all off when you wash him with it as it can irritate the skin other wise. Calendula cream is very good too. xx

      2. haha yup that’s the stuff, It’s the same as you get in Corsodyl mouthwash (always worried me a little). I washed him off with normal dog shampoo afterwards to make sure it all came off. Hmmm Calendula…sounds familiar might have to have a look into it, if it’s less thick and sticky than the sudocreme it would be better, though it does seem to have helped it was a bit awkward with his long fur! xx

      3. I remember where I know that Calendula from now! I used to have to use it on a child I looked after with very bad eczema. Unfortunately he goes home in the next day or so, so not much point going out to buy it. I’ll try the cocoa butter moisturiser or Savlon that I have here for the moment, they’ll be easier to get into the skin at least and keep it supple while the hair regrows. But thanks for the advice I’ll remember it for next time Toby has bad skin xx

  1. that is a beautiful bloom! Don’t feel bad about the urge to pick. I think a lot of people can’t pass up the urge to pick scabs, dry skin ect. lol

    1. Hehe I know picking scabs is so satisfying! Just a bit strange to do it to others …maybe it’s just my old DNA coming to the fore with the grooming urge 😉

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