Come to Canvas….

Well now my dears, it’s the end of the weekend and as such the end of Le Clowns blog roll contest.

It’s been emotional, sometimes my sides have split, others my stomach has turned but always it’s been fun.

So for the final day I’m assuming the same as Ruby over at Canvas of minds and can again do a photo post linked to Monsieur Le Clown. Today however I’ve gone a hunting. I’ve been looking to find another photo from the people who have helped come up with the craziness of this contest.

The winning photo to make it to my page….

…..a post from…well a while ago by lameadventures included this. It speaks to me….and to my Toby too…shortly after I nipped away from the computer for a few minutes I found him leafing through my old anatomy text books in bed.

I’ll be trying to explain to him later that too much knowledge isn’t always a good thing.

But for now…well everyone get over to Le Clowns blog roll competition and help out Canvas of minds. You know you want to…or I’ll set Toby on you with his new knowledge of the human circulatory system 😉


10 thoughts on “Come to Canvas….

  1. That’s my pet puppet goat, Bill E. reading Patti Smith’s “Just Kids”! Oh yeah, I’m operating on all cylinders. Seriously, thanks — and your submissions were great — you filled my head with the theme from “Mission Impossible” and that Bobby Vinton wail. So many were so good. It was tough to pick only 12. Thanks for the shout out.

    1. He’s cute! but a terrible influence on my dog…will have to keep him away from any future pictures which might give him ideas 😉 I’m not surprised it was hard I don’t think I managed to read all of them!

      1. In my case I felt reading them all was the least I could do for everyone that submitted entries. Of course, it wasn’t exactly an agonizing assignment — until I selected just twelve.

        Good thing I have a pet puppet goat as my sounding board.

    1. haha you can say that again! Their little collaboration of writers was definitely worth the effort. My reader is becoming so full I’m sure I’m missing so many brilliant posts! But at the same there are so many people I want to read….I’m going to have to procrastinate more and work less 😉

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