A stitch in time saved my mind

Well good afternoon, the sun is shining and although I’m still coughing my guts up I’m feeling a bit better so may be able to make the most of my last couple of days off before going back to work.

I’m a bit blogged out after the blogroll contest so today I’m not routing too deep in my psyche and thought I’d stick to simple but pretty.

When I first moved back into my parents house because of all the….well ‘The list’ of problems that lead there I was stuck in the pit. the despair was so deep I couldn’t see anything past the next minute except more pain. The pit pulled me deeper and deeper to the point of being suicidal for what seemed like an eternity and I was stuck in their house pretty much alone for far too long.

While I was rummaging around my old room I found a box of fabric, with bits and pieces of all sorts of fabrics including an old shirt that had a beautiful green dragon on the chest. I love dragons, have ever since I was a child and when I saw it I saw my first glimmer of my old self come home to roost.

I began setting out this quilt, piece by piece, concentrating on the motor of the sewing machine as I stitched and the feel of the fabric under my fingertips and felt some sort of peace.

I like quilts, they’re like me, old pieces, new pieces, tatty pieces, shiny pieces, big bits, little bits all brought together to make something whole.

From that point I was back to being a crafting queen. I found my peace being lead by a cross stitch pattern…

Seeing the piece progress slowly becoming a whole ( I do have the full progression of this dragon but wouldn’t want to bore you with it) and found that the rhythm of the stitching relaxed me.

I made a mix of the two types of stitching for my nieces birthday even making up some of my own stitching designs. It ended up being a nursery rhyme cushion and I was very proud of it.

I finished off some old pieces that had been sat waiting to be done for a long time….

…and got around to framing some old ones that had been sat in a box unloved and hidden.

I went into a typical bout of obsession with my crafts….it was my world and since I couldn’t face leaving the house, couldn’t see any point to my life, this small amount of beauty that I could create, my little haven behind the needle and thread was all I could see. But they did make good christmas presents (the robin hanging was my little creation).

The sewing was there for me while on the psych ward, my little retreat from the reality I was living for those months over christmas. Though it did give me time to finish this for my friends who had just got married….

…and once I was out and moved into my new house it continued to be there.

I would make a design for any big occasion and to me everyone had my blood, sweat, tears and memories embedded into it.

Another wedding day another cross stitch….

First baby of the first couple….I loved doing this one.

This wasn’t the final result for this request piece unfortunately I forgot to photograph it before I gave it to her, as with some of the other designs I made…I might have to ask her to take a picture of it at some point or I’ll do it whenever I’m round at her house next.

These wolves hang on my landing to remind me of the qualities I want in my life, as well as being beautiful designs of a marvellous animal.

And one thing that is still waiting for me to find a way to hang it on a wall….I made this when I was a teenager, painting it onto the inside of a wardrobe door….

As you can see he’s pretty large and needs some kind of border frame….it’s been 15 years since I painted him and I still haven’t got around to sorting it!


Recently I’ve even started knitting, people have received baby blankets, I’ve made blankets for my house, tea cosys for teapots that sent me lonely hearts add requests for a cover of their own (yes my friends are as odd as me) and am currently making a dog shaped draught excluder.

There has been research done which agrees with what I have found myself…crafts help with mental health issues especially anxiety. When you’re in that place you’re willing to try anything…so anyone who hasn’t tried it…why not give it a go? You’ve nothing to lose 🙂













14 thoughts on “A stitch in time saved my mind

  1. So wonderful to see your beautiful crafts! Thankyou.
    I totally agree with you about the meditative aspect of handcrafts, the rhythm of stitching lulls me too.
    Gorgeous work ♡

    1. I’m glad you’ve found that with it too it’s amazing how helpful it is. I’m annoyed with myself that I don’t find the time for it as much as I used to, so many pieces waiting to be finished again! Thankyou 🙂 I’m so happy you enjoyed them! xx

  2. I tried knitting cuz all my friends were knitting things. Big mistake, I went crazy and bought all what I thought I needed, grabbed the needle, couldn’t knit a pair of gloves the first day I gave it up. Those dragons are really nice!

    1. Uh oh a true rookie mistake taking on something awkward first time out! lol that’s why I started off with blankets….lots of little squares to get the hang of it (with my mum to help me learn the methods) and even then I struggled to get going! The dog is taking forever because it’s a blooming awkward pattern and I keep getting fed up haha. Thankyou 🙂

  3. Crafts might make me feel worse, actually. I was never good at any of it. Probably my poor spatial skills. It’s just frustrating when I can’t do something and everyone else around me can easily do it.

    I think your work is wonderful, though!

    1. That’s the only thing with being crafty…it takes lots of practise to get anywhere with them…you wouldn’t believe the failures I’ve had over the years! I try not to compare myself to others with it (though sometimes I can’t help it and beat myself up terribly) and just accept it as a way to concentrate on something other than the nasty thoughts in my head…counting stitches takes too much brain power for other things usually lol.
      Thankyou 🙂

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