Hmmm so Sunday is a day of rest…pffft as if

I’ve just got back from a shift that was actually pretty enjoyable even though I slept in! That is until the last half an hour when I had to hand over to a woman who just won’t follow the rules….I can’t stand her and those last 5 minutes were excruciating to the point where I ignored her totally, sorted out my bags said goodbye to everyone there smiling at the ladies I support so they didn’t worry and walked out to my car with a knot of tension in my gut that is still there.

Oh how I wish we didn’t have to have her work with us!

But…when I got home there was my Toby looking so happy to see me he put a smile back on my face and Red Dwarf  is on a program that never fails to help me calm down and smile. Hmmm for those of you who have never seen it if I put a little clip that I love on here you might get why 😉


3 thoughts on “Hmmm so Sunday is a day of rest…pffft as if

      1. In general I have the perfect job as well. My coworkers are mostly very friendly – it’s a family-like atmosphere for sure, and most are geeks like me. It’s just there are a couple that sometimes make me go irrrrrk. Also, well, depression and anxiety turn anything bleak. I have a hard time completing work if it’s not due immediately, and little is due immediately till it’s time for an exhibit to go up, so I’m at loose ends a lot and . . . sigh.

        I always say the library would be great if not for those pesky patrons and staff and the hours, ha.

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