This better be worth it.

Tomorrow off I go to stay,

for three days some place far away.

They won’t tell us where it will be,

Only that the food will be free.

I’m having to write in rhyming couplets,

as I’m so sad about my lovely wooflet.

Toby has had to go tonight,

he went with my parents, he didn’t fight.

I’m missing him so much it hurts inside,

and nothing seems to stem the tide.

He’s been my world, my reason to live,

he’s given all the love a dog could give.

I know he’ll come back when I return,

but these next few days are going to burn.

It better be worth all this anxiety and pain,

or work will be told I won’t do it again!


12 thoughts on “This better be worth it.

    1. Thankyou! he seems to have really enjoyed his time away and they even took him to the vets for me so he’s more comfortable now (turned out he had yet another allergy!) I’ll try and post about the whole time when I’ve replied to everyone lol xx

    1. We’re back together now and it all seems like a weird dream…I’ll try to post about it all later lol. He’s back and content again with a whole load of tablets to take from the vets but I’m so happy to be back with him 😀 xx

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