…home again, home again to sort out my kit! (last one today I promise)

Ah home and Toby is back where he should be sitting on his chair curled up and happy.

He’s been to the vets while I was away, I asked my mum to take him for me because he was scratching so much. It turns out he has another allergy, this time to something in privet bushes/pines and has another dose of steroids and antibiotics. The whole of my area has privet bushes abutting the pavement and of course Toby just loves to stick his head into them and have a sniff or pee on them. I really hope next year the privet pollen/sap isn’t quite so strong and he doesn’t feel so bad. He also has a cyst on one of his elbows that the vet has said I need to think about removing as it’s getting quite big and to the point where he may damage it and cause infection. I’ll have to give them a ring and get the full info on how big an operation it might be for him and what his recommendation is 😦

But for now we are back together, he’s my little companion again playing in the garden, nuzzling my hand while I try to type and curling up on the bed with me.

I didn’t even make it to bed last night, I slept on the sofa and for a very long time! My body is struggling to rebound from the stress, activity and lack of sleep that I got from the past few days. I have a horrible feeling that it might instigate a relapse in the next couple of weeks, but I’ll carry on as if it’s not going to happen and cross my fingers!

I do wish I was as able bodied as the people around me. Even people almost twice my age are more able bodied than me, have more energy, have less health problems, take fewer tablets. It’s frustrating though I know I can do more than I allow myself to, I stop myself from fear and only accomplish those extra things when forced to.

I must try to push myself more! I will aim to test my limits again and never allow myself to wallow when I can do it if I try!

So time to take out my injection, into my jammies and one more night of recooperation before I start my washing, ironing and general making good tomorrow 😉


9 thoughts on “…home again, home again to sort out my kit! (last one today I promise)

  1. It makes me feel all giddy inside that you are back with your Toby! I know that seems weird doesn’t it? lol but It just makes me think of how I would feel after not seeing my Sasha for a few days. You let yourself rest and recouperate! that will keep you from having a bad relapse. Over stressing is a great way to end up mentally sick. I hope Toby feels better soon. 😉

    1. Ah it’s not weird I feel the same to know my friend whose cat had gone wandering has just returned! It always amazes me how mental health can affect physical health and if my tingling fingers are anything to go by I’m going to be glad of the next few days off work to recuperate! Getting these posts done has helped mentally at least, just reinforcing the positive side of things so I don’t dwell on the stupid little stuff 🙂 Oh Toby’s already much better than he was, itching less and his fur is softer again…fingers crossed it carries on this way till the weather calms everything down again xx

  2. So glad your pet is back home with you. I don’t know what I’d do if not for my dogs.

    I retired last year due to MS, cognitive stuff. I didn’t even know how tired I was until I started getting enough sleep. For me that means a good 10 hours. My docs are still in the same area as work, and just two round trips into the city in three days, and I needed a nap all three days. That’s just driving on the freeway in LA. I know I can’t do that drive daily any more.

    Please don’t expect so much of yourself. You can’t fight MS without rest! As much as you want to be a healthy individual, you aren’t. I know denial is strong, but not as strong as you are.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’ve ended up giving up teaching, getting a part time job and only doing 6 hour shifts but that time away with with work was so difficult as the days were long and active I didn’t think I’d cope. I’m proud that I did though now I’m paying for it!
      My right arm is weak and painful…annoying since I’m right handed lol and I’m sleeping lots to get over it. My team leader was good though and gave me a few days off to recoup so I’m not back till Tuesday.
      I’ve missed Toby and was so happy when he jumped up on the bed this morning to get a cuddle as I woke up 🙂

  3. You and Toby are making me want a dog. I barely remember to feed the children, though. I agree w/ the others – you should get some rest. I know I do NOT do well without rest, and I just have depression, not MS. I let my daughter miss school today (she is with her Grammy) because she was up all night worrying about stuff and was even weepier this morning (she is 12, that sucktastic age). I bet my mom is going to call going WTF she’s FINE. Ugh.

    Ha, isn’t it fun how I can make all your posts about me, me, me?

    1. Ah see but he reminds me to feed him, let him out, take him for walks, even go to bed lol. I think if I had kids as well as him I wouldn’t cope but while it’s just me and him it works 🙂 Haha I thought that was my special talent, making everything about me, looks like it’s not such a unique thing after all! 😉

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