Sunday morning song time!

I decided that this morning was a good day to listen to some music that bounced me up a little…but wasn’t so over zealous that I’d end up making people think it was still Friday night so here we go…

These are all songs that I love to drive to by the way, but sunday drives just aren’t the same now the roads are so busy so I’ll just listen to them here šŸ˜›

I have an eclectic taste in music and some of these might be old…but they’re still brilliant!

Oh who am I kidding a lot of these will be old….

…because I’m not a fan of the top 20 now adays, there’s too much swearing and no tunes that get stuck in my head. Saying that this next one isn’t exactly operatic but still.

I seem to be reliving my teenage years now…but I still have such a soft spot for Billie Joe šŸ˜› and if any song seems to speak to me it’s this one!

And the final one because

it’s going to be a beautiful day and nothing is impossible in my all powerful mind šŸ˜‰



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