Writers block!

Thankyou everyone who helped me choose a topic for the guest blog I’ll be doing 🙂

However I’m coming across a slight problem and it’s not so much writers block as…writers babble.

It has to be around 200 words and those of you who read my blog will know…I’m no good at short and sweet when I get going! I started writing a draft of it and before I’d even gotten into the real story had reached 300 words :S I’m now struggling to think of how to make it a meaningful post in so few words. I know they told me that the word limit wasn’t strict but I can’t see them wanting to put up a post of my usual size which must be close to a couple of thousand. So now I keep starting, stopping, starting again and not getting anywhere. Beginning to regret this idea now!



3 thoughts on “Writers block!

  1. I think instead of stopping and starting all over again, you should just write it and then go though and mark out the sentences that aren’t necessary to tell the story. Good luck!

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