Being accosted down musical memory lane

It’s strange how memories, gut wrenching feelings of…well I can’t even figure out exactly what…can be triggered off by music for me. It’s been the soundtrack to my life so when a piece of music plays that was the soundtrack for a time that was horrible I’m transported straight back there. Yesterday it happened when I was listening to the radio in the work car, luckily not while I was giving anyone a lift so I could change the station as quickly as I felt the need to without having to explain to anyone.

I can’t remember what the song was (I’ve reblocked it already) and even though I’ve been torturing myself with 90’s trigger music for the past…I don’t know how long today I just can’t remember which song it was however I have found a selection of others that have the same effect while I was hunting trying to figure out what it was.

I have found these song with the mute button pressed as I avoid them like the plague but you never know you guys might enjoy them!


I’ve been so effective at blocking out a lot of this time in my life that this is all I can think of song wise, that is until they start playing on the radio or television. It’s so hard to put into words how they make me feel! Whether it’s just a small knot in the pit of my stomach or a full blown flash back depends on the song and my mood at the time but it’s so frustrating as afterwards I go back to not being able to remember the name of the song or what it was all about!

Oh I don’t know I just wish it would all go away and stop making me feel like this for reasons I don’t understand 😦


3 thoughts on “Being accosted down musical memory lane

  1. I’ve got songs in my memory that sometimes hit me like a kick to the stomach, and instantly tears spring into my eyes. I can’t even explain why my reaction is so strong to some songs from that era, but not all. I blame ms, just because.

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