Toby taking over *woof*

I’ve wrestled control of this blog from my mum today.

I may have left some teeth marks on the laptop in order to do so but I think she will forgive me and let me finish this post before she makes me go outside in the rain to play. She knows I can’t resist a ball.

Recently I’ve had problems with my skin, itching and scratching to the point where I’ve hurt myself but she sent me off to the V.E.T again. I love the waiting room it has soooo many smells I can hardly contain myself but oh that room with the tables I don’t like it in there. Ah well they didn’t do anything nasty while I was there just stroked me and looked at my skin.

My food tasted funny for a few days after that but I got extra meat with it so I’m not going to complain and my skin calmed down so I could sleep properly again.

I’m worried about my mum, she keeps sleeping on the sofa instead of going to bed, no matter how many times I nuzzle into her arm to get her to move she won’t come upstairs with me, she doesn’t want to play any more even though I bring her to best of my toys and our walks aren’t as long as they used to be.

Grrrrr something just came through the front door again! I couldn’t get at it because of that stupid gate in the way and no matter how much I barked at it they didn’t stop. I’ll get them one day, I managed to snatch the paper that they stuck through the other day but my mum wasn’t impressed and I went off to hide in the kitchen. What does she expect? I’m trying to protect her from whatever it is that they’re sticking through, what if they managed to sneak through that little gap one of these days? Oh I’ll get them, one day I will.

Ok it’s time to go and patrol the garden, I need to see if any more of those sneaky bloody cats have come back in again. They keep sneaking along the back fence and occasionally one of them leaves it’s mark in the garden I have to make sure they know whose property this is! I love going out in the rain partly because I get towelled off when I come back in 😛


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