Well let us see today has been relatively productive, I woke up early and for some reason I decided that today was the day to change my curtains. The voile I had up was disgusting and my mum had brought me a replacement I could use last week so I finally got out the step ladders and took it and the curtains down. I put the voile in the sink and soaked it…man it was disgusting! The water was brown when I took it out to put it in the washing machine (be glad my hands were too wet to take a photo).

They got washed and I even managed to get them onto the line outside to dry, it’s a miracle no rain today!

I watched a cheesy film (She’s all that) and though it triggered off some memories of school yard bullies I kept myself busy while I watched it so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. I was tidying my living room and filled a big bag with recycling waste…I really wish I had the energy every day to clean and keep on top of it!

I tried to have a nap this afternoon but Toby didn’t seem to like the idea and kept waking me up one way or another, I had a blinding headache and I wish he could understand me so I could explain to him that I really needed to sleep!

Ah well we nipped out for a quick walk around the block and the fresh air did help a little. I put some food on to cook and then tried to hoover the living room and Toby went nuts, he hates the vacuum and was whining and lunging at it trying to bite the nozzle. Even with his ‘help’ I managed to get the place vacuumed and all his fur that had accumulated into the bin.

The next task…..

…..the pile of washing that never disappears from my dining table.

I’ve made a start on it and I’ve filled one crate to take upstairs with washing that either didn’t need ironing or that I’ve managed to do

Now I just have to find places for it to go upstairs and finish the rest of the pile waiting to be done. I’ve had to take a break though as my muscles can only take so much. I need a taller ironing board either that or to shrink a few inches lol.

It’s a it late to keep going now and my head is saying it’s about time for bed. I might see if I can get a few more bits done while I’m watching the Lion King before I take the crate upstairs and actually sleep in my bed tonight (I’ve been on the sofa the past few days).

So before I manage to convince myself of all the negative things that have happened today I wanted to make sure that these small victories are recorded on here.

The first step up this particular mountain has been taken 🙂

Oh and have a silly video that just made me smile from the Lion King….gotta love Timon and Pumbaa.




9 thoughts on “Productivity….

  1. Good for you. I understand with severe fatigue it can be very tough. I get fatigued easily also. It usually takes me two days to do laundry and H helps put things away. It makes a big difference to have help. Wish we were neighbors, I’d help you get your ironing done.

    1. I think it doesn’t help that I have to do it all at work so don’t have the energy when I get home to do my own! haha if we were I could help with yours when you were bad and you could help with mine when I was…dunno what would happen if we were both bad at the same time…maybe sit and drink tea 😛

  2. ☆✴☆✴☆
    Gold stars for all that effort. You did more in a day than I do in a month, and I don’t have M.S. – you’re amazing!
    Loved the video too 😉

    1. It’s more than I’ve done in a month or more too hence the size of the ironing pile! I blame my job…no one who does washing/ironing/cleaning at work wants to do it at home too. But yesterday I told myself if I can do it there I should do it here too 😛
      Hehe glad you liked it it does make me giggle when I find stuff like that after so long xx

  3. oh I hate when I am really stressed and/or in pain and Sasha doesn’t want me to lay down. I try to lay down when she lays down but most days it seems that she realizes I am asleep after about 20 mins and comes running in to save me from sleep lol. I am glad you were able to get some things accomplished. I know when I do, it makes my mood much better and my nerves settle down. 😉

  4. Timon and Pumba are the best.
    I hate the ironing, washing it’s bad but ironing it’s something I refuse to do, I’ve never learned how to do it and frankly I’m not interested on learning, as a matter of fact I didn’t even owned an iron until my partners mother gave us after seeing my clothes full or wrinkles.
    But mine it’s all laziness.
    I hope Toby makes room for you on the bed.

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