Waiting around…

I’m waiting to hear from someone on the community psych team, my GP has referred me and now…all I can do is wait. Wait to find out how they can help me, who I can talk to about the mess that is my mind at the moment.

This blog has become a lifeline, the therapy of writing, the comfort I get from knowing I’m not the only one and you lovely people who read and comment letting me know I’m not alone. Some of you have even re-opened my eyes to the beauty and inspiration of art that can be found.

‘Hope’ By someone called Frixin on an artist community

She holds this fragile creature

so gently in her hands

it can fly

but chooses to stay

she finds beauty in the dark

a glimmer

a flash of inspiration

one flutter of a wing on her fingertips

breaks the spell

and disappears

(MC 1-09-2012)


It’s amazing how doing something like writing can help to make sense of my head, even though or possibly because this poem had nothing to do with what was going on in my mind this morning…it has lifted the darkness. I can’t help but think there is something to the research that is being done into writing and therapy. I’ve always ended up writing in one way or another when I can’t escape my own internal world.

I think I need to get my art supplies back out again and see if drawing will help as well, it always used to though I came up with some pretty dark pictures in the bad times.

For the moment I will accept that my mind is not really healthy just like my body and find ways to rejoice in this strangeness. I managed it for a few years when I was younger, surrounded myself with other strange people and we made each other happy in our weirdness…sound familiar to anyone πŸ˜‰ I just wish I didn’t have to work with people who fit so neatly into the worlds ‘normal’ mould I might find my job soooo much more enjoyable than I already do!


6 thoughts on “Waiting around…

  1. More Lenore, Yay! I’ve fallen in love with her, keep on going to youtube to watch!
    There’s lots of research about writing and art as therapy tools, helping ingetting to the core of problems and emotions. So, keep writing β™‘
    P.S. Are you implying you’re surrounded by weird people here at WP?! Sounds good to me πŸ˜‰
    Hope the team turn up soon and they are helpful, looking forward to seeing your artworks β™‘

    1. Haha of course I am, we’re all a little weird and it’s wonderful! Just like the friends I made at college and uni who I still talk to…the weirdness brings us together and makes us feel accepted πŸ™‚ Ah Lenore, I need to look through her comic books again she does make me giggle. Found her completely by accident once on amazon πŸ˜› xx

  2. I’m lucky enough to work with weirdos that won’t get scared with the things that come out of my mind.
    I’ve added Lenore to my “must watch” list for when I get decent internet installed at my place.

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