Gluteus medius is a pain in the backside!

Last night something happened at work, I ended up having to try and keep myself from falling down steps when someone tried to push past me who doesn’t know their own strength or understand the dangers of what she was doing.

I was fine, she was fine and we carried on as normal.

A couple of hours later something went **TWANG!** in my hip/bum.

Courtesy of Google

The muscle just gave way and the pain oh the pain! I might has well have been stabbed or been struck my lightning! I ended up on the floor almost in tears with it, unable to walk, unable to sit, unable to stay standing up…thankfully I only had an hour left.

Now for those of you who don’t know why I titled this post the way I have…the muscle at the root of this pain in my bum….is the the gluteus medius as far as I can tell (fat bottoms do not make for easy muscle identification).

That would be the one in the picture above! It’s a big old muscle covering your hip round your bum. The pain feels like its torn away from the top though hopefully it’s just strained.

When I finally got home last night after a rather painful drive home I got in and searched out my walking stick because even getting around the house was a struggle. Toby was confused and kept checking up on me, watching me with this metal pole that he’s got used to not seeing recently.

I was surprised to sleep pretty well last night, no waking up in pain through the night or anything but when my alarm went off I jumped and OWW!!

It was not good going in to work this morning but I was managing happily with the odd little twinge until suddenly just as my shift was ending (technically at least) **TWANG!** off it goes again and down I go yet again! Luckily this time no one was there to see my pain, so I could just kneel on the floor and breathe through it until it finally went away. I finished off what I was doing struggling as I walked around sorting things out and finally got out the door and into my car. The pain since then has come in waves, it’s strange how the simplest little change in position can cause a massive influx of agony!

Toby is going to have to put up with only playing in the garden today, there is no way I’m going to manage to walk him and I feel so guilty about it but what can I do??

When I walked in the door I was greeted with a couple of letters, one of which was an appointment with the community psych team unfortunately it’s next week on a day when I know I really can’t get out of my shift and the lady I’m going to see wasn’t there to rearrange it so I’m having to wait for a call back from her to sort it.

I’m scared of this assessment.

I don’t know what to expect from this one, every therapist is different, what if I don’t like her? what if she says they can’t help me? what if I panic too much and hide all the major problems without meaning to? Oh this is going to be interesting, yet again I will have to challenge these thoughts just to get through the door.

Ah well looks like this afternoon will mostly compose of finding a comfy way to sit, taking pain killers and trying to figure out some ‘paperwork’ I need to do for my job if I can face it. Fun Fun…I think Lenore might just make an appearance today πŸ˜› she always helps lol.


6 thoughts on “Gluteus medius is a pain in the backside!

  1. I hope you get to feel better soon, I’m also limping, misstepped today while running.
    Shrinks always freaked me out until I found the one that’s actually seeing me once a month, I enjoy talking to him it doesn’t even feel like a therapy session.
    Toby won’t mind staying a day in.

  2. Can so relate to the nervousness about seeing a potential therapist… it is so scary. You never know what you’re in for. But I hope it goes well and that you two “click” – who knows and maybe she’s really alright.
    I hope your pain eases soon. xx

    1. I’ll try and be positive about her, I don’t even know if she would be the therapist of whether she would just be doing the initial assessment…the joy of the unknown *gulp*
      Haha I hope so too I think it just needs some rest shame I’m working tomorrow morning πŸ™‚ xx

    1. Me either but I’ll give her a shot if there’s a chance of getting some help at the moment. Hopefully she’s better than the counsellors and mental health nurses I’ve seen in the past who I never really got much from other than a place to vent. Thank you Red you lovely lady xx

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