Harvest 2012

Even with the rubbish weather this year I’ve still managed to get some of my fruit and veg to grow and today I’ve harvested a load of it. The tomatoes aren’t ripening and don’t stand a chance now the weather has turned but I’ll make some green tomato chutney 😛 The carrots though…it may be say but I’m very proud of my carrots this year! last year they looked like mutant invaders from outer space this year they’re straight as an arrow and ohhh I was so happy when I pulled them and saw that!

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My strawberries are still going but I have enough tonight to add to the fruit salad I plan tonight hehe.



6 thoughts on “Harvest 2012

    1. sounds like we’ve had all your rain and you’ve had all our sunshine! lol it’s been so wet most stuff hasn’t come through and what did was munched by the slugs and snails…that’s why I’m so happy I’ve got anything to harvest 🙂 xx

    1. They were thankyou 😛 The carrots will be munched raw probably, Toby keeps begging for one now he loves carrots and so do I we nibble them like bunnies hehe.

  1. Wish we had room for a vegetable garden. We did a few pepper and tomato plants and they’re still producing! The onions were really good, and we’ve used some of the peppers, many of the tomatoes though I’m afraid went to the birds, squirrels, and slugs.

    1. The veggie patch didn’t come to anything, too wet and too many slugs all those bits came from pots and bags 😛 Ohhh peppers! I’ve never managed to grow them successfully it’s too cold here I’d need a greenhouse! xx

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