Stress monster

I started a post yesterday but just couldn’t bring myself to finish it…..

‘Stress stress stress, it may be my day off but I went to sleep last night with difficulty because of it and have woken up with a knot in my stomach which won’t go away and a mind filled with racing thoughts.’

….I still can’t, even though I know I need to vent it somewhere.

I ended up going over to my parents with Toby, suffered bad road rage due to idiot drivers on the way over and Toby got car sick 😦

It wasn’t too bad, I chatted to my mum and took Toby for a quick walk around the block where he sniffed at every bush, every tree and lots of pavements to catch up with who was still around this place he had lived. On the way back to my parents house we nipped in to see the lady who owns the Post Office across from their house (I’ll call her Pat). She is lovely, I’ve known her since I was born and when I was going through the horrible time during my return to the parental home she was the only person I would see outside of the house to talk to because she understood.

Now obviously it being a shop dogs aren’t allowed…but Toby (and one other dog who has now passed away) is an exception 😛 When it is quiet we sneak in and go straight through to the back where as soon as Pat is free she comes to see him and oh the reaction he gives her! He knows she adores him and he can’t wait to get to say hello to her, it always makes me smile. We chatted as she closed up for lunch and tried to set the world to rights as always, we never quite manage it but there’s no harm in trying!

After a while we went back home (thankfully a lot less stressful journey on the way back on no puking from Toby) and back to my little cocoon.

The Stress…so the stress is being caused by work. They want me to send a whole load of my details through a survey engine. Why would this stress me out? Haha because anything can! But really it’s because I can’t find all the information and I’m panicking about getting in trouble for not having done some things that I should have done, this form will give them evidence of how useless I am! Not only that but…sending a whole load of my private and confidential information through a medium I do not trust when they should have it all anyway?! Ohhh it’s had my guts in a twist for the past few days and every time I think I’ve calmed down over it…there it goes again!

I’m searching out all this information, getting more and more annoyed at the company for asking me to do this when really they should be doing it themselves! They have more information on me than I do and should have it all in a place where it is simple for them to input it on their new system whereas me? I have to hunt through files and files of info, try to find my diary from last year and figure out a way to get past pages that I can’t fill in when it won’t let you bypass them!


I plan today to try and finish off a work book I should have done months ago, I may not manage to complete it but I will accept that fact and try anyway

**~no you won’t~  **

Oh yes I will, I will accept that I need to do it, I will accept that I may not get every question right and just get it done

**~Oh no you won’t~  **

Oh shut up.


12 thoughts on “Stress monster

  1. I hope you can find a way to relax and forget work this weekend. I know that it seems like companies just sit around and think up stupid things for their emplyees to do. All you can do is your best. xx

    1. I’ll try, my distraction techniques are in full force today so I might just tell myself it’s OK to not do it today and make the most of a day of sunshine. Thankyou 🙂 xx

  2. That would stress me out too. Sending a bunch of personal information on a medium that isn’t exactly safe. Why do they want you to do this anyway???

    1. They say the site is encrypted so even if someone hacks it the information will be cyphered and impossible to decipher rather than if done by email where it’s insecure…as for why? that one I’m still annoyed and confused by!

    1. I know right! it’s ridiculous :S Well so far the distraction techniques have decided to take the dog for a walk, mow my lawn, watch a dvd and nap on the sofa…not completely de-stressed but it’s keeping it from being at the front of my mind all the time at least 😛 xx

  3. What you’re saying in your answer to Red sounds good to me 🙂 Hope it works well. It would stress me too.. xx

    1. Thank you 🙂 I’m getting there, just cooked myself something nice for tea and watching trashy telly in the form of X Factor…The Distractor is doing its job so well tonight I’m even feeding it chocolate hehe xx

  4. You have all the right to be stressed, it pisses me off when my boss has the brilliant idea that he needs a daily inform that he would never read and even if he did he has no way of knowing if I’m making it all up because he’s on the other side of the world.
    But you’ll be able to manage it, yes you will.

    1. I have a plan now…I will finish one piece of work today so I can say I’ve done it and search out all the bits of info they want as I tidy (mix of distraction and doing what needs done that should satisfy that internal conundrum)
      Thanks for your support on this, I know we all have to put up with idiotic bosses but it’s easy to forget that your not alone in it sometimes!

  5. Aw, sweetie, you sound so much like me! And I’m all, hey, chill, don’t worry so much, you’re awesome and it will be okay even though I do the same thing to myself! I hear that stupid voice too and sometimes I talk back to it also which is a little freaky but works. Sometimes. Don’t you wish we could be like Toby? You got me KIBBLES? OMG you are like a ROCK STAR and my life is COMPLETE I love you and I love life and it’s wonderful wonderful wonderful and I’m gonna go pee on a tree cause wow I love life!

    I go back to the doc on Tuesday to see if I’m fit for work. Yuck. Feeling better but still so tired. Not sure if I’m up to going to work and then avoiding working. Hmm. Good luck to you. Read something funny, or watch something funny, or snuggle w/ the Tobster. It’s going to be a long night for me because I slept too much today. Ah, well!

    1. Lol yep that’s me too, full of great advice for others…bad at following it myself :S
      I would love to live life like Toby, his biggest worry at the moment being that the post is due! I’m nearly done with the stupid workbook that needs to be finished, once it is I’ll tackle finding all the other information to send to the idiots up high *and breathe*
      It always takes so long to get over something like that and the tiredness is the last thing to go, I hope they give you some more time to get over it!

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