I’m a rambler at heart…

I always seem to forget how close I am to my little bit of countryside…no really it’s 2 minutes walk if that before I feel like I’m no longer in the city and am surrounded by fields, brambles, trees, cows and horses. How can I forget? it’s the reason that when I first got this house I didn’t regret living on such a rough council estate after living in a village for a couple of years.

Toby and I went for a walk through the lane off my street that takes you past the horse stables, through the flytipped rubbish strewn path covered with nettles and brambles and to this little piece of heaven that used to be a landfill. Yes sometimes it smells bad but it brings me such a feeling of peace to be there and Toby loves being off the lead as I stroll along saying hello to horses, forage the hedgerows for anything I can cook (elderberries and sloes at this time of year mostly) and forget for a time that just over the next ridge is an estate filled with narrow minded, bullying, self centred chavs.


6 thoughts on “I’m a rambler at heart…

    1. He does, spends ages sniffing around everything and anything though he’s weird and follows pathways instead of wandering off to explore ๐Ÿ˜‰ Thank you

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