Gunpowder season

Taken from Google images, but an iconic image of the Gunpowder plotters

Remember remember the fifth of November, gunpowder treason and plot. I see no reason why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot.

For those of you who don’t live in the UK this is the season for annoyance if you own a pet. Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night is celebrated on the fifth of November to remember the time when Guy Fawkes tried to blow up the houses of Parliament and his plan was foiled. When I was a kid it was always a brilliant night, huge community bonfires, fireworks, toffee apples, bonfire toffee and standing outside in the cold around the fire with the rest of the town/city as we all went to see a huge fireworks display.

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But that’s the thing, it was ONE NIGHT that it happened, maybe two if there was more than one big display somewhere around. My dog at the time would cower under whatever she could fit under for that night and as horrible as it was for her, she only had it for one night.

Now though the month leading up to and for some time after that night, people are setting off fireworks here there and everywhere! There is no rhyme or reason to when they set them off and poor Toby is on tenderhooks not wanting to leave the house even to pee once it gets dark outside.

It’s so frustrating to see my little boy hiding in a corner, craning his head round trying to watch every way he can to see where these horrible noises are coming from. It’s worse that after he finally gets the guts up to go outside there is a ‘crack’ in the sky of another firework andΒ to have him run back into the house to sit at my feet with a look on his face begging me to stop them.

The thing that really annoys me about this whole issue is how easy it is for people to get fireworks these days (she says as another bloody boom echoes around the house) they are everywhere you look, every supermarket even the ones I wouldn’t trust to buy fresh meat from never mind explosives! Anyone and everyone can buy them, people who in the past wouldn’t have been allowed within a hundred metres of fireworks can now buy huge amounts of them and do whatever they may wish.

How can they let this happen? Make them so cheap? Make them so loud? How can the people who stock them let people who have no idea what they’re doing buy these death sticks at all? Never mind the fact that they’re selling them for so long so that they set them off over such a long time period. Once they have them how can they not keep them safe enough that idiots and children aren’t able to get their hands on them?

The most I was ever allowed anywhere near was a sparkler and then only under extremely close supervision and with an intense memory of the warning videos the government used to publicise each year at this time.

I am a pyromaniac, as such I have a very good understanding of fire and how dangerous it can be. I love bonfires, I do love watching fireworks but the whole situation is so frustrating!

We need to make people realise what they are doing!

The supermarkets need to take more responsibility for the danger they are unleashing.

I keep wondering whether it would work to put forth a petition to stop this idiocy in its tracks but…the government are probably too stupid to care.




12 thoughts on “Gunpowder season

  1. Poor Toby. When I had kitties they would go mental and hide away for days before and after July 4th (American Independence Day, but I’m betting you know that). And they didn’t even have to leave the house, though they did usually enjoy our back yard. It was totally strange to me, too, because where I grew up, it was one night, only the professionals put on displays, and I think you needed a license for anything more seriously than a sparkler or smoke bomb.

    People go nuts in Colorado, because you can drive a few hours to Wyoming and buy all the things that are illegal even here (anything that leaves the ground). I will admit that in high school I played around a bit with bottle rockets, but the past few years the fire danger has been so high (due to very little precipitation and very high temperatures) that everything has been banned, even down to sparklers. Last year I actually called the police on someone, because they were blowing off something that sounded serious, and I didn’t want my roof catching on fire and my house going up in flames.

    It’s amazing how stupid people can be.

    1. I wish they would put stricter laws in place over here I really do 😦 There are idiots everywhere and it’s so scary they can get their hands on these things. I don’t blame you for ringing up about it I’ve been tempted before thinking they were actually blowing something up not just a firework! xx

  2. We have the same problem in the US every 4th of July, our traditional fireworks day. From June through July you’ve got bottlerockets and whizzers and boomers going off at all times of day and night

    1. I will never understand why people set them off in the day except for it being children who have got their hands on a couple and can’t wait till later because they have to be home. It’s truly stupid and seems to be pandemic!

      1. In California most fireworks are banned due to the severe fire danger, especially in July. That has helped quite a bit. I don’t suppose brush fires are as big a hazard in the UK in October.

        My neighbors used to give their dogs tranquilizers they got from their vet. Maybe that would help poor Toby.

      2. We’ve had more rain this year than any year on record…everything’s soggy lol. It’s tempting but for the length of time I’d have to do it I wouldn’t feel right doping him up 😦 I did try those hormone defusers in the past but they didn’t really do much for him. I’ve set up a petition and signing lots of others to get the bloody things under tighter control though πŸ˜‰

  3. We used to have cracker night here in Oz when I was younger, and it horrifies me now to remember the explosives children were allowed to handle – and this is one of the reasons it was banned from here. Children every year would have burns, fingers blown off, and get blinded from the fireworks. Not only that, they started house and bushfires (dangerous in our country). And there were also lots of complaints from pet owners. So yes, fireworks have been banned here for some time, it must be over twenty years. You need a permit now, and they’re usually only given for major events, like public New Years Eve celebrations – but not to individual households.
    If we can ban them, there’s no reason why you guys can’t. Why don’t you start the petition, and take it to your local government representative.
    Hope Toby is okay. Love to you both xox

    1. See your country is so sensible in a lot of ways that the UK never is, I watch these ‘Border patrol’ programs and wish we could take a leaf out of your book and be stricter on a lot of things. Since Britain is so soggy they can’t use that excuse if they try, but surely the safety of children could be used….I might have to start drafting a petition. Luckily we actually have an online petition system that goes straight to the government and can be signed by people on the internet, if they catch on they go like (if you’ll excuse the saying) wildfire! Toby and I are okay thank you πŸ™‚ Love and doggy snuggles to you too xx

  4. Poor Toby 😦 there seems to be fireworks all the time now. At Christmas. New year. October. Other religious festivals that my brain can’t seem to remember….. Drives me a bit loopy too cos like Toby, we don’t like loud bangs 😦 xx

    1. Diwali I think is the one you’re talking about. I know it’s ridiculous, people have them for birthdays and celebrations all year round too. Living in a big city like Leeds means there never seems to be a time when someone isn’t setting them off and Diwali is a big deal here with such a large Asian population. Aww no I hope you have your earplugs ready, thick curtains, double glazing and some loud films or music to put on…sometimes I manage to fool Toby with it but not often. xx

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