I’m not scaremongering I’m just complaining about the confusion!

Now if you’ve ever heard horror stories about food, panicked, thrown everything out involved in it, gone straight to the doctors for a health check and sworn never to eat anything like that ever again…you’re not alone.

This however is not about me…this is about Toby.

Recently I have changed him from Bakers complete to James Well Beloved Dog food to see if it helped his allergies and itchy skin. Today I see a post on Facebook about it that horrifies me! Bakers is now renowned in the dog owners community for it’s additives, chemicals that cause cancer and many other nasty things that would make any pet owner think twice.

Evil! in pretty packaging. Banned in many countries but not a word about it over here!

But someone who has always prided herself in feeding her dog well and giving him a good life after the shit way it started (not to mention with terrible guilt and anxiety complexes) it was a heart stopper.

So after a bit of a conversation with some of the doggy types on FB I headed off to Pets at home and see what they have there, as well as to stock up on his new James Well Beloved he’s been doing so well on.

Ahhh all natural ingredients (apparently) and hypoallergenic…at least the list is all stuff I’ve heard of!

I headed off in the car to my nearest store on my own….or at least that was the plan, I found a dog sitting beside the car who wouldn’t take no for an answer. We whizzed off in the car though he regretted it a few minutes in, he gets car sick, he got car sick, he was poorly all over the towel on the back seat. Ah well off we trotted into the store and he was loving it…

‘bunnies to sniff, food to try and taste, people to say hello to and oh what’s that? something to pee on?’


I was slightly horrified to see this store selling Bakers still with all the bad press it’s gotten, then even more shocked to find the JWB I was searching for and seeing the price….almost £50 for a 15kg bag! Bakers had been about £25 and thought I now realise this was asking for trouble…paying twice that was just a bit of a shock.

I asked for advice and surprise surprise the young man recommended something that was ‘very similar just not the brand name’ but so happened to be their own brand.

Wainwright’s dog’s best friend dried food- apparently so good a human could survive off it…do I believe him? hmmm not sure

Now I’ve got him a small bag as it was a lot cheaper and couldn’t hurt to try him on it. There are a lot of mixed reviews of it on the net so I’m not sure….maybe I should have gone with my instincts and bought the cheaper but more familiar Arden Grange that I know Dogs Trust (who I got Toby from) uses and trusts. It’s a decent dog food, all natural ingredients again and naturally hypo-allergenic just like the JWB so why didn’t I? pure and simple because that would be insulting the man if I didn’t take his advice…and my anxious little brain wouldn’t let me, wouldn’t even let me sneak back later like I usually would.

Well after a bit more chatting to the doggy types…I’m gonna look in the market tomorrow who the JWB website says sells their food (who knew?) and see if I can get some there…if I can I have no idea what I’ll do with this little bag…dare I take it back? hahahahahaha yeah right…I think I’ll find another dog owner who can use it.

Did I mention that I make my own wet food for Toby?

mmmmm chicken and carrots and broccoli and green beans and sprouts all my!

7 tubs for about a fiver…bargain and he luuurvvveeess it!

He tends to eat better than I do most of the time! Since it’s cheaper than buying tinned food, smells nicer and has less crap in it…why shouldn’t my little prince have home cooked stuff 🙂

I worry more about his diet, am stricter with what he can and can’t have and keep watching his weight so much more than I do for myself…but it’s that old adage of being easier to look after others than yourself.

mmmm rawhide…I was a good boy 😛

He got a treat from the shop for being good (the pee on that aisle doesn’t count, no one saw it) and has been chewing and playing with it ever since we got home. It will last him months if not years as he never chews on them hard enough to actually eat them…but who could deny such a beautiful boy a treat every now and then?

OK one muddled rant on what to feed my dog is almost over…but you can bet there will be more…there will always be more confusion in my head to share!