Petitioning the government about idiots…

Now some of you may remember my rant about the Gunpowder season and the idiots who are setting of fireworks.

It is now clear to me I’m not the only one who feels this way in the UK and more and more people are putting forward petitions to stop idiots from being able to buy them and set them off.

So in aid of these people, pets, children and adults who are hurt by them every year I’m going to ask for anyone in the UK who feels the same to sign this petition (one of many have a look)


***>>>  Ban the sales of fireworks to the public  <<<***


We’re not saying ‘no more fireworks at all!’ I’m just saying make it so that people in the general public can not buy fireworks from bloody supermarkets and corner shops and set them off whenever they feel like it!!

Toby would really appreciate it too 😉

Feel free to reblog this and pass it around, the more the merrier to get this signed!


8 thoughts on “Petitioning the government about idiots…

  1. I hope this works out for you over there 😉 It must be so annoying – in Germany you can only buy fireworks for 4 days of the year (I think), in the time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve and that’s it. And I like that because when I was younger I was very scared of the noises that fireworks produce.. xx

    1. They’ve been on sale obviously for the past month and will continue for the next few months, you can buy them at any time with no check on who you are…wish it was as controlled as it is with you so we knew when they would go off 😦 They sound like bloody bombs going off nowadays and poor Toby hates it! xx

  2. If people would only make responsible us of fireworks it would be nice, but when you give them to a kid, a teenager that wants to show off or a drunk, it’s disaster in the making.
    If I were in the UK I would sign it no doubt.

    1. That’s the thing, when I was younger it was only for a couple of days around this time and…it was bearable but now it’s too easy to get them and too cheap! Everyone seems to have them for any little celebration any time of the year and kids find it too easy to get hold of them 😦 The government really need to step up on this so I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

  3. Good on you beautiful!
    ‘Be the change you want to see in this world’. Gandhi.
    I’m presuming I can’t sign the petition from Oz, but I’m with you in spirit. And when I hear they have changed the laws, I’ll know my friend was part of it 😀

    1. Unfortunately not, you have to be a UK citizen. Hehe thank you. I didn’t set this one up I forgot you could do one straight to the Gov. and when I went to do one found a whole load on the official site so didn’t have to…but I’m publicising it…I’m determined on this one lol 🙂 xx

  4. This display of celebration for independence day is one of the worst days for me because I have a nervous problem and a startle can send me into a panic attack. I hate dealing with the our holiday here that seems to not only last that one night, but people start with the noisy uproar sometimes a week or so before the holiday and do on for days afterward. Then there are the New years eve blasters! I also think of the animals that have to deal with this noise. Dogs have enough pain listening to sirens go by. Imaging how uncomfortable the loud screeching booms feel on their little ears. But the fear they must feel and danger listening to this. I have grown older and and enjoy my peace and I don’t like it interupted. If I was in the UK, I would definitely sign your petittion sweety!

    1. Thank you hun, I knew a lot of you would feel the same way whichever country we’re in! Weeks, months of them is just intolerable for Toby and I…it’s plain ridiculous. Glad you don’t have to put up with so many of them over there, hopefully if these petitions get listened to we’ll manage to cut them down too xx

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