Have you ever…?


Might as well, the last time I played ‘Have you ever…?’ I was in my early 20’s and ended up rather drunk….at least this time I’m not drinking every time I have!

1. Have you ever been on TV?

Yes, the local news team came out and did coverage on a few of the performances my school band did.

2. Have you ever sung in public?

Yes, in high school I was in the choir and I performed in a couple of the musicals we put on there too. I sing every shift in public usually though I wouldn’t say it was performing it gets the ladies I support giggling!

3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?

Nope, not unless you class highlights

4. Have you ever eaten frogs’ legs?

No, my dad did used to say to me that his breaded pork loin was frogs legs and that was his answer whenever I asked what we were having for tea….it was amusing until I was about 9.

5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?

Of course, but the good girl I am smiled, said thank you and put it in a bottom drawer until I could get rid of it without feeling guilty.

6. Have you ever walked into a lamp-post?

Many times, always embarrassing, always painful and I always wonder just how the hell I managed it.

7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?

Nope….wait yes I have, when I was working at my mums nursery I had to cook for the kids a few times, not tasking really and they only eat small portions so I don’t really think it counts.

8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?

Every day, the joy of MS 😉

9. Have you done volunteer work?

Yep, I helped out with the scout group when I was younger, the science club at school when I was a technician (we didn’t get overtime pay so I classed it as voluntary) a few different bits and pieces over the years.

10. Have you ever free-climbed a tree?

Of course, I was a child in the 80’s when it was the done thing…hell if I could still manage it I would, loved sitting up in a tree.

11. Have you ever had a close relative who lived to over 100?

No, my family has terrible health.

12. Have you ever ridden a horse?

Hmmm I was less than 12 and someone led it for a few minutes at a school fair, does that count?

13. Have you ever tried any extreme sports?

Does rock climbing count?

14. Have you ever seen a car accident?

Yes unfortunately one happened right outside the house, didn’t see the actual crash I looked when the noise happened and had to deal with the aftermath, some idiot riding a dirt bike with no seat, no helmet and no brain crashed into a car. He legged it through our garden after the guys ‘left him alone for a minute because he’s hurt himself in a really painful place’ I said ‘don’t be so stupid you shouldn’t leave him alone’ and walked into the garden to see him hopping our fence.

15. Have you ever driven a sports car?

Nope mores the pity

16. Have you ever been mugged? no thank God!

17. Have you ever cheated on an exam?

No I was always too bloody scared to do something like that!

18. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?

Never, never even really drooled over someone at first sight…I’m weird

19. Have you ever met a celebrity?

A couple of B listers, worked with some when I working in a theatre- Lucy Benjamin (Eastenders) boy was she loud and Andrew Dunn (Tony in Dinnerladies) he was a nice fella. Lemmy liked hanging around our university union when he was performing there and saw him a few times.

20. Have you ever slept in a tent? 

Hell yeah, I love it unless I’m having to share a tent that’s too small or my blow up bed deflates in the night. Haven’t camped properly for a while but did do the Glamping thing recently and that was good 🙂

OK your turn, easy questions, not ones we usually have to answer…anyone else gonna have a go?


14 thoughts on “Have you ever…?

  1. 1. Never been on TV but I did get into the local newspaper three times.
    2. Yes, I have sung in public. I’m not sure what the public thought about it, but at one time I could actually carry a tune.
    3. The present I hated? A sweater from my MIL. I kept it for years but never wore it.
    4. I’ve walked into lamp post, glass door, screen door. I’ve always been a klutz.
    5. I’ve never cooked for 15, but did help my mom cook for the ten of us.
    6. I have stumbled and or fallen in front of others more times than I’d like to count. Like I said – klutz.
    7. I have volunteered. I was a Candy Striper and a member of the US Navy.
    8. I think I probably climbed a tree at some point. Not that it was a regular thing.
    9. My husband’s great grandmother lived to 104. Not related by blood, by we inherited her stuff.
    10. I have ridden a horse. Not a memorable experience.
    11. Does boogie boarding count as an extreme sport?
    12. I’ve seen a few car accidents, luckily no one was seriously hurt.
    13. I owned a 1985 Mustang convertible. Is that a sports car?
    14. Never been mugged.
    15. Never cheated on tests.
    16. Still in love and married to my one and only love at first sight.
    17. I’ve met several celebrities, some due to my job, and some because of where I lived.
    18. I love sleeping in a tent. Or at least I used to. It’s been a long time.
    Oops, missed two questions. Hopefully 18 is enough to satisfy.

    1. You’re forgiven for missing them out….I can’t remember which ones they are to be honest. It’s always nice to find out things about you guys! Wow you’re lucky you found a love at first sight and married him, so glad you’re still happily with him 🙂 Thanks for answering xx

  2. 1.Yeah, a couple of times, I was captain of the track team in college, was pretty decent and I’ve never been camera shy.
    2.Never, I wish I had a good voice, I wish I could sing opera like a soprano, but that’s not physiologically possible.
    4.Never, at least I’m not aware of it.
    5.Several, I’m not as nice as you tho, I usually say I don’t like them and give them away to someone who does.
    6.Countless time, specially now with that all cellphones have internet, it’s embarrassing.
    7.Yes, I love to cook, it relaxes me.
    8.Yup, I’ll a post about that some day.
    9.Yes, worked with Paralympics a few years.
    10.Still do.
    11.My great grandma lived to be 103.
    12.Yes and fell of them a bunch of times.
    13/A couple of them, mom was not happy and she didn’t wanna know.
    14.Yes and been on 3 already.
    15.No, got my driver’s license but driven after that.
    17.That’s how I got through anthropology in college.
    18.No, but I’ve drooled over someone many times.
    19.Growing up in NYC that’s fairly easy.
    20.Haven’t done in ages, but yes.

    1. Thanks for replying, can’t wait to hear about your stumbling bumbling antics 😛 I never fell out of a tree but did jump out of them at silly heights and terrify everyone around me hehe.

  3. 1. No. Someone filmed a T.V. special without me?
    2. Yes if you count multiple school play performances – my voice was drowned out by others, thank goodness.
    3. No. I thought about it, but my dh said my hair was “Alice Brown” and he liked it that way.
    4. Ew, no.
    5. Yes. I do the same thing you do. At my wedding shower I got a pitcher shaped like a chicken. I stared at it a moment and said “Oh, how unique” or something like that. My mother nearly broke down laughing.
    6. Yes. And other things.
    7. I manage to fail cooking for four people, with a boxed meal.
    8. Yes. Lots. Once I fell on my butt down several stairs in front of college boys. Smooooth.
    9. Does parenting count?
    10. Yes. I’ve also fallen out of them.
    11. Not that I know of – we have lots of accidents and diseases and such. My dh’s family lives forever for they are annoying.
    12. No. Allergic. And cowardly.
    13. Sports?
    14. yes – well, when I was in a couple – luckily no one was hurt.
    15. No. I’d probably wreck it.
    16. No, thankfully, unless you count my kids.
    17. Yes. When I was in like second grade I cheated on a spelling test by copying the words from the book onto the margain of my paper before the test and erasing. I didn’t erase well enough once and got a 0 and the teacher circled my erased word and I still want to put a bag over my head and never did it again.
    18. Yes. Crash and burn but fun while it lasted.
    19. Almost. I saw Bill Clinton in person at my university. That was very cool.
    20. Tents are fun. See number 18.


    1. Have you ever been on TV?
    Yes. Local news. It was a meningitis scare at my Primary School. They were filming children crossing the road outside of the school for a segue. My friends saw the cameras pinned on the street and they all ran ahead to get themselves on film, I lumbered behind with a lazy swagger and the knowledge that they would never pick me and my stumbling, grumbling, half-arsed attire; they did. My parents and friends later laughed at the pottering idiot walking across the street with as much grace as a drunken hermit.
    2. Have you ever sung in public?
    No. I have too much respect for others.
    3. Have you ever dyed your hair blond?
    When I was a teenage stoner I dyed it blue; it turned out grey. I was a slow-walking, glassy-eyed, hunch-backed kid with grey hair and a very short memory. On the plus side, I had no issues getting served at the pub.
    4. Have you ever eaten frogs’ legs?
    5. Have you ever received a present that you really hated?
    6. Have you ever walked into a lamp-post?
    I fell into a “sleeping-policeman” once when very (very very very) drunk. Which sounds hilarious until you realize a “sleeping-policeman” is a term (here in the UK) for what is technically a built-up speed-bump. I broke my front teeth (which sliced through my upper-lip) and ended up with concussion, which I initially dismissed as a hangover.
    7. Have you ever cooked a meal by yourself for more than 15 people?
    Every time I make a cup of tea I spill enough sugar to cater for an army of ants, if that counts. I don’t have the shakes or anything, I just have poor hand-eye coordination.
    8. Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others?
    As an alcoholic for many years…I did little else.
    9. Have you done volunteer work?
    10. Have you ever free-climbed a tree?
    When you’re a kid climbing trees with your friends there’s always one friend who refuses to climb, or falls on his arse every time he attempts to. Well, that was me. I did make it to the top of a few trees, but my friends probably helped.
    11. Have you ever had a close relative who lived to over 100?
    No. My family barely live beyond 70.
    12. Have you ever ridden a horse?
    I’ve bet on plenty, but never ridden one. My friend used to ride them and once asked me if I wanted to ride his. I jumped at the chance, then I saw it and shit myself. They’re much smaller when they’re costing you a tenner on Channel 4 Racing.
    13. Have you ever tried any extreme sports?
    Does falling count?
    14. Have you ever seen a car accident?
    15. Have you ever driven a sports car?
    Have you ever been mugged? 
    I bet on Sunderland FC once. Does that count?
    17. Have you ever cheated on an exam?
    Erm…For appearance’s sake, let’s say no.
    18. Have you ever fallen in love at first sight?
    19. Have you ever met a celebrity?
    The Newcastle Untied goalkeeper in 1996. Yes, he was that famous that I forgot his name. In fact I was so impressed by his fame and stature that I ran away as soon as I saw him, insisting to my father (who had waited for an hour to see him) that I was just tired and by no means scared of the giant “TV-man” now standing in front of me.
    20. Have you ever slept in a tent? 
    In my late teens I “camped” with a group of stoner friends. We all dressed up in full army gear (camouflaged “noddy suits”, the lot). We ended up wandering around dark fields for hours, stoned out of our minds, until we finally found what seemed to be a perfect camping spot in the middle of what we thought was an empty field in the middle of nowhere. I awoke the next morning and stumbled out of the tent to find that we had set up camp next to the toilets in a popular tourist attraction. Three dozen bemused tourists in shorts & T-Shirts watched me as I stumbled out of the tent the next morning in my full army gear to stretch and yawn before taking a zombified piss against the wall of the public toilets.
    Imagine turning around, half-asleep, with you dick out of your camouflaged pants to see that the field of trees was actually a field of perplexed tourists.

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