Well I won’t say no…

It may have taken a little bit of bribery reminding of the rules, but Aliceatwonderland asked me if I would like this award, so who am I to say no? I can’t can I so thank you Alice you wonderfully messed up ‘Fifty shades of crap’ evaluator.

Versatile Blogger Award pay it forward rules:

1) Thank person who nominated you, include a link to their blog, include an image of the award in your post.
2) Give seven random facts about yourself
3) Nominate 10 bloggers for the award to pay it forward to.

OK 7 things….things you may not know about me….erm….(starting to regret following the book on this award)

1) I hate white vegetables, cauliflower is only edible to my mind when raw, cooked it is plain revolting!

2) I am going to have a bacon butty for my lunch…smoked bacon mmmmmmm

3) I have plants all over my house, I like my living room to feel like a jungle

4) Toby hates the vacuum cleaner so my living room is covered in fur most often

5) I love charity shops, I shop in them, I give to them, I wander around them…they’re fab!

6) I need a haircut but I’m too scared to get it cut the way I want…short.

7) I’m a bit of a rockhound, I like looking at rocks, fossils etc and studied Earth History and Palaeontology for a while at Uni.

Ok now to pass along the bling….ohhh choices choices. I know most of you won’t accept this, but just to remind you how much I love your blogs and support…



seasons change and so have I



Le Clown



madame weebles

Misaki (I miscounted how many I’d awarded it to! you’re added on :P)

So if you wish to accept, fabulous! If you don’t…I understand, just remember I love your blogs and think you’re all marvelous 🙂


17 thoughts on “Well I won’t say no…

  1. Yes, you do deserve it, and if I weren’t lazy, I’d give you every one! In fact, I’d just go steal them off other people’s blogs and then give them to you.

    I don’t blame Toby about the vacuum. They scare me too which is why I don’t vacuum.

    1. Thank you 😛 You were on my short list but someone pipped you to the post, until I realised I’d only nominated 9 people!….so there’s one there for you if you want it lol.

    1. Mmmm raw cauliflower is lovely, crunchy, tasty…always a good combination. Cooking it ruins it makes it all mushy and yucky 😛 p.s. you’re more than welcome xx

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