Splitting myself…

I’m splitting my blog, I’ve decided it’s time to try and have a safe place, this ones getting too big for me to vent as I need to. Too many people reading? Many on here would not understand that idea and they are the ones that I think I’m probably most anxious about reading those inner most thoughts. If you want to read that side of things and not just the more mundane, funny, every day side of things then for most of the posts I will be putting a password access only onto them. Feel free to ask for it if you want to join me atΒ Toby and I together, many of you on here have become like a little blogging family for me now and I would miss your input into the mess of my head.


17 thoughts on “Splitting myself…

    1. πŸ™‚ Thank you, you’re always welcome too. I pondered it for a long time when I got so many people following me, I think the other one will be more controlled, less tags so less people find me etc. Let us know if you do! xx

  1. Oh, please give me the password, I don’t want to miss one moment of your mess – it helps me to not feel so alone in my own chaos!
    I think it’s a good decision, we need spaces to express without censoring, I hope it works for you.
    Love to you β™‘

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