Taken me long enough…

I’ve been playing with my blog….can you believe it’s taken me this long to figure out how to change the header picture? You can? well then I won’t make a big fuss…..

But look! It’s a picture I took rather than a picture the designer of this layout thought would look good there! It may be sad that I’m so excited by this development but I’m no techno wiz, I’m scared of breaking the whole thing and ending up back where I started with suuuuch a boring blog that I don’t even want to read it myself. Be warned now I’ve started I’ll probably never stop fiddling with it and I’ll end up giving you a headache with the colour schemes (if I pay $30 pffftt like that will happen).

Ah it’s Saturday morning, I’ve just watched a studio Ghibli film and as usual it’s left me feeling a little twisted yet happily satisfied with how it ended. They tend to like making an environmental statement with their films, Pom Poko and Princess Mononoke being the two biggest examples. Never watched them? doesn’t surprise me but ohhh they’re good.

Raccoons that can morph shape? That talk and plot? That are going to fight the humans to defend their woods? Ah come on who can resist that idea in a non cheesy animation with plenty of laughs!

Ok I need to go and choose another one to watch, I think it may have to be Pom Poko now I’ve reminded myself how much I love it.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone

12 thoughts on “Taken me long enough…

  1. Ooh, your picture is so pretty! Have you ever watched Spirited Away? That is my very favorite Studio Ghibli film (maybe because it’s the only one I’ve ever seen, but it’s so good). Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Haha it was the first one I ever watched! I love it more each time I watch it (the first time I did I was stoned and oh man that was weird) you have to watch some of their others, Ghibli are genii 🙂

      1. I do need to see some more. I was just introduced to that by my Babygirl, who at the time was about three. She loved it, and it was one I actually enjoyed watching over and over, and I even went out and bought a copy for myself!

        So obviously I never watched it stoned, child care and drugs don’t mix, but I would imagine it would be something. Though actually I really do have to take your word for it, as I tried smoking pot for maybe a year, and eventually just gave it up because I had to smoke the resin to feel anything, and even then it wasn’t much and very fleeting.

      2. That was back when I was a student and even then I only smoked it at parties (yes we watched Spirited Away at a party we were wild lol) Glad to hear you’re not one of those muppets who still smokes it even around their kids, it annoys me how many parents on my street smoke it even when their kids are at home. But I won’t rant on about it…here lol.
        I don’t smoke it any more, had too many problems with the paranoia and gave it up years ago, tried it for pain relief a while back but it did nothing so decided there was no point!

    1. Weird works, goes for every Ghibli film I’d say lol. It was the dawn when I was on that damn residential, the most amazing thing about the days lol. Thanks 🙂

    1. hehe always worth a look, though be warned they are a little messed up and mind warping! It’s ridiculously easy to say it’s taken me so long, on the dashboard there’s a tab for appearance, in there is an option for Header and it lets you change your wording and the picture you want to use…I kicked myself when I found it then got very giddy about being able to use a picture of whatever I want 😛

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