Bottle it and sell it

I wish I could bottle the feeling I get when Toby comes up to me for a cuddle on the sofa or a simple nuzzle and head scratch. If I could I bet it would sell like wild fire, everyone who ever had a bad day would want a bottle.


Who wouldn’t want that face cuddling up to them? That big soft furry face with a look of ‘I love you, I need you, please don’t ever leave me I’ll always be here for you’?

I may not be having a great time at the moment and yes he may choose the most inopportune times to ask for attention (like half way through writing a post) but I love that furbaby of mine more than life itself.

Maybe one day doctors will stop prescribing antidepressants and find a way to bottle the feeling of being loved by your animal, we’ll take a sip and everything will be all better

***just a sec someone wants attention***

Right where was I? …bottled Toby affection. In fact even better they will prescribe pets to those with mental health issues.

Now don’t get me wrong I’m on the pills and trying to get back into therapy, Toby hasn’t solved every problem I’ve ever had, but he does make things that little bit more bearable.

Speak of the devil he’s finished his tea and now lying on the floor looking to me to go and play with him…how could I say no to that face


6 thoughts on “Bottle it and sell it

  1. Actually, here in the States we do have psychiatric service dogs, which is kind of like a doctor prescribed dog! Toby is so sweet, I am much more of a “cat person”, but I would love some snuggles from him!

    1. We have that over here too therapy dogs, but not to take home with you which is a shame. Ah cats can be just as good so long as it’s a cat that likes cuddles 😛 hehe

    1. 😦 nasty landlord/council not letting you have dogs! If you were near me you could come play with him whenever you wanted, my little furbaby loves attention 🙂 xx

    1. Your mummy is very lucky! Toby does the same for me, I’ve just got in from a tiring late shift but still…that wagging welcome does make me feel so much better 🙂 Time for cuddles now!

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