Happy Thanksgiving to those overseas

To everyone who is over in the States I’m going to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

I don’t understand the holiday and I only know what I see in the films and sit coms….so the post will have to show what I’ve learnt!

The Addams family, ahhh I love these films and this one made me even more glad I would never be subjected to going on camp. Weirdo’s don’t do well at camp and I was a grade A weirdo at school though I did do the whole band geek thing and essentially went on band camp type trips…more on that to follow.

I learnt so much about America from Friends, it’s been on so many times that I think most of it off by heart. They finally stopped showing it every day over here but I couldn’t not include them in my post about how I was educated about Thanksgiving…plus Brad Pitt isn’t half bad looking.

I guess I should include one that I just found…it tells us the true meaning of Thanksgiving…

I’ll never understand the obsession with turkey…it’s dry and nasty I much prefer chicken. But I do hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving no matter how much or how little you have today.


9 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving to those overseas

    1. haha I think most of us Brits do! I still have Happy Turkey Day going through my head now 😛 I like turkey steaks and in casseroles…but just not roasted. Toby loves Turkey too and now’s the time of year when I can get him some cheap bits to make into tasty treats…see if you can get your mummy to get some too!

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