A belly full of bile…

I’m angry, yet calm. A state that anyone knows me will know is the more dangerous of my anger states, that’s when I can think clearly enough to hurt those around me yet care little enough to actually do it. So I’m trying to control that anger and wait till it dissipates before I decide on a course of action.

I, along with others, have had run ins over the past few days with someone on here. Unlike this person I will not stoop to the level of mentioning their name or linking to their site but rather than writing it on their page I’m going to have to put these thoughts somewhere before I burst….or just think ‘Screw it’ and do it.

So without further ado I present to you a ranting monologue….

You have hurt those people on WordPress that I have come to care about, those who are vulnerable to exposure, vulnerable to people bullying them and those who deserve better. You do not listen, you hear what you want to hear and nothing more, you have no patience for conversations with those who do not agree with your view point and in your replies you make this obvious. I saw this and decided that I would not rise to your ‘challenge’ I would be the adult I am and simply be disappointed with you, avoid you and leave it at that.

However, I went back to see if you had replied to my final comment and saw that you are continuing your assault upon one of these people. You continue to speak about her, post yet more links in your conversations as if asking your followers to go and attack. Worst still you speak of where she lives in a post where you are obviously trying to gain support against her for theΒ slight you perceived against you.

In your answer to my request for you to think again about having all those links on your page you stated that you don’t care about my feeling in this matter. For a Psychology trained therapist I find this slightly baffling. You don’t care how I feel? You don’t care how those you have hurt with that post feel? This was the alarm bell that made me realise there was no hope in you listening to reason. Even those who you have replied to in a more civil manner have been told that you will not be listening to their sensible suggestions to take this down and simply post about therapists, research etc.

You view this ‘battle’ as censorship in its worst form, those of us who have felt the pain caused by it do not. I see it quite simply as people asking for you to be sensitive to their needs. You asked me why they feel the need to hide, can you really not understand? With all your studying and all your therapeutic training you can not understand that people will not want to be exposed in this way? That it could be detrimental to their mental health to have you attack them or one of their friends in a place where they had felt relatively safe?

I never had a problem with your beliefs, those are your opinions and you can keep speak freely about it as far as I’m concerned, though I do hope it never harms anyone in your ‘care’. After reading through some of your posts and your bio I understand your anger and why you feel the need to make it public, but why can you not respect the fact that others who have been diagnosed with this condition could really have it and need to be able to know they are not thought of as liars? Need to know they will not be attacked whether directly or indirectly through this blog medium.

Quite honestly I’m disgusted with your behaviour in this matter. What is clear seems to be that in your dealings with others on here as soon as they show the slightest disagreement with you, you become overly defensive, aggressive, vindictive and generally unstable attacking where it is completely unnecessary. If you saw these traits in a patient what would your reaction be I wonder? Would you explain to them that these knee jerk reactions are drawn from fear and try to help them to figure out why? What thoughts would they say go through their mind? what core beliefs would you need to challenge in order to help them?

I truly hope I never have to have dealings with you ever again, that you remove all of the attacks against my friend without having wordpress interfere, as even though you assume she has lodged a complaint, until that final post she had not and was willing to as I was…just put it behind her, ignore you and your page.

…rant over.

I’m assuming they are not following my posts after our little discussion. If I am wrong and you do read this….don’t bother with a retaliation, there is no point. I have been very careful not to mention your name, put any links to your blog or even say whether you are male or female out of respect to you. I will expect the same respect from you even if you do feel the need to speak about this on your page.

Ah ranting on wordpress really does help….I don’t think all of that would have fit into a message on a post. Vile spewing bile has been spouted and now I can breathe.


28 thoughts on “A belly full of bile…

  1. I am just so glad that I don’t know who this person is. I feel protective of the one who is having to deal with this. Mine would probably a more aggressive aproach. Good rant sweety! xx

    1. I was tempted believe me, but even the short message I left on that page was responded to in a way that made me realise that would only make them worse, if I carried on it would only fuel the fire so to speak so I left it…but ohhh they annoy me lol. xx

    1. Until I tried to reason with this one I had only met nice ones too, it’s such a shame there are those out there that are like this. It’s the same the world over in person or on the internet and something tells me they’re worse on here than they would dare to be in person…or at least that’s what I hope. xx

    1. Haha I believe you! But I wouldn’t want anyone else subjected to them to be honest and I’m not stooping to their level to ‘rally the troops’ and launch everyone at them. Thanks hun this made me smile πŸ™‚ xx

  2. Again, a very eloquent response.
    I am also concerned for any patients in her care, and I was horrified to see she had found personal particulars about our friend.
    One point you made, that hit the nail on the head for me, ‘that it could be detrimental to them or their friends in a place they had felt relatively safe’. I feel greatly for the people involved here, including you, but it is making WP an unsafe place for me. Where people can single out and attack others, vilify them and post links, and divulge personal information. This really does scare me.
    Personally, I think this woman is really unwell, and because of her past, she is not going to get the help she needs, which is really very sad. She is humiliating herself here, and doesn’t realise this ~ she is letting her abusers win once more. And . . . she is becoming an abuser herself, what could be more sad than that, and frightening, because it displays that terrible thought that sometimes circles in our minds, ‘did it rub off, will I become just like them?’

    Be careful my friend, you are doing some very good things, but keep yourself safe first.
    And know, that you are supported. Elyn β™‘

    1. I know I feel bad enough thinking of such an unfriendly presence here I can’t imagine how you’re feeling 😦
      I agree that they sound like it would benefit them to seek some help but…it’s not going to happen, it’s the age old problem of the bullied becoming a bully through fear. It worries me too but I think that if you are vigilant for it it’s less likely to happen and if anyone is vigilant about how we behave it’s people like us.

      I will be careful, that’s why I posted it here rather than sending it to them, I’m not going to feed their anger, this was purely a way for me to feel a little less bottled up about the whole thing. IF they come attacking…well then I will deal with them but I don’t think they will. Thank you πŸ™‚ xoxox

  3. A beautiful rant. I am not familiar with this situation, but was involved with someone similar. It turned ugly very quickly. He even responded to my rant with one of his own. In the end I feel I won as I do not respond to him any longer. He seems to still subscribe to my blog for some reason though. Thank you for standing up for others here and speaking out against such bullying tactics. I’m saddened to realize these things continue to happen.

    1. I’m glad you haven’t ended up embroiled in it, it’s one I wouldn’t wish on anybody let alone those of us who struggle already. Luckily they have not followed me, I have not followed them, I want as little contact with them as possible. They seem to think they should be immune to the rules of general good manners and call it freedom of speech…sad really. I hope your version of this leaves you well enough alone and has got the message that you won’t pander to their need to argue xx

      1. Sounds promising, maybe they’ve realised you’re not going to rise to them, that you have bigger problems on your hands without their stupidity adding to it. xoxox

  4. You are very wise and intelligent with what you said and how you said it. I don’t have any private contact info for you, if you are comfortable, would you send me a message at my public email, mywonderfulabnormalmind@gmail.com (I’ll send you my private email from there, I just don’t want it on display)?

    I don’t think we need to feed the fire, but I wonder if we might be able to provide some further support to those who have been attacked, without attacking back.

    Also, I have other reasons I’m not comfortable disclosing here, but I would value your input. Only if you’re comfortable, of course. xoxo

    1. Hi Ruby, I forgot to reply on here because I sent you an email lol. Let me know if you can’t find it (junk mail filters do make it awkward) and I’ll resend a message to you πŸ™‚ xx

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