Word press is snowing

I’m confused, why is my word press snowing? These little specks of white fluttering across the site are irritating me because a) I keep thinking I’m getting Optic Neuritis again,

b) I have no way to get rid of it    ***Edit*** you can get rid of it by going to the settings (top left WP logo on your reader page) there’s an option to take it off and another one on the general settings on the dashboard. Thank you E for telling me how!***

c) I’m cold enough without being reminded that it’s bloody freezing outside

and d) I don’t need to be reminded that it’s that time of year again thank you!

I’m not imagining things am I? The reader does have rather annoying little pixels of white floating down it?

Word press…If there is no technical reason for it can we please have an option to not have it?

Other than that I hope everyone is doing well, Toby and I have been enjoying my day off together, he’s had a longer walk than normal and seems to be liking the fact that I’m here at least I’m not being pestered as much for attention because he’s feeling deprived. I should have been doing something useful today but instead…I’ve done nothing but write on here, watch a film, pick a parcel, walk with Toby and have a minor if very long panic attack.

Bring on work again tomorrow where hopefully things will go better than they have done and I will be able to enjoy my shift. At least when I’m there I don’t have to think about the ironing that needs doing in my own house!

Sorry I’m not doing well at keeping up with all your blogs, I’m low and when I’m low my concentration span plummets so reading posts can become nigh on impossible. I’m trying to keep on top of it and follow how you’re all doing but if I haven’t commented that’s why…I’ll keep trying though!



22 thoughts on “Word press is snowing

  1. Hahaha I agree, it’s absolutely annoying! When I first saw it I thought there was something wrong with my reader, and then it hit me….. “oh, I see, it’s f*cking snowing!”. I’m sorry you’re feeling low, sending good vibes your way. xx

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Blooming wordpress following the lemmings and trying to make us feel that this snow malarky should be everywhere. At least there’s no Santa as a background or anything lol.
      Thank you xx

  2. Go into your Users settings screen, there’s an option to turn them off, and also on your dashboard, under General, there’s another option. They gave me a migraine, you wouldn’t want to be epileptic. Hope this helps. E

  3. Ha! I thought I was going crazy when I first saw that annoying snow, it seem like it’s stopped.
    I couldn’t bare it any longer.
    I hope you are feeling better now, no need to apologize for not keeping up with the blogs, we all are cool as long as you are fine.

    1. haha sometimes I don’t bother I have lots of clothes that don’t need it but I’m strange and like to have things ironed before I put them away so they fit in the drawers! lol xx

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