Silly parodies rolling through my head

I’ve got that worried feeling

Woooah that worried feeling

I’ve got that worried feeling

Won’t it go, go, go, gooo oh oh oh

(to the tune of ‘You’ve lost that loving feeling’)


This little parody has been going through my head for the past half an hour along with the anxiety that triggered it off. Looks like my anxiety has decided it wants to make a come back properly **Panto style booing in my head** at least my mind seems to be being imaginative in how it wants to help me cope with it. Between singing internal songs out of nowhere and it blocking exactly what is triggering the anxiety itself I’m at least not finding it too stressful to think of it coming back.

My mind likes to make up little songs to the tune of an old well known one, I still have one written down on a scrap of paper from when I was at Uni about one of my lecturers to the tune of Old Macdonald. I blame my father, he has a terrible habit of picking a word that sounds almost like something in a song, add it in then sing it. When I was a kid I found it amusing, now I find it highly irritating and I’m rather annoyed that it’s one of his habits I picked up! At least I only tend to sing them in my own head I guess.

I wonder if I’ll come up with a verse to go with the chorus….hopefully this feeling wont last long enough for me to come up with anything.


8 thoughts on “Silly parodies rolling through my head

    1. I’ve just found out it might be a med I forgot to take the past couple of mornings. Completely forgot that it’s an antianxiety drug as well as the neuro pain killer I use it for. Won’t be forgetting that one tomorrow and hopefully it will solve the problem! xx

    1. Always a good plan. I used to clean when anxious or stressed I wish I still had the energy and muscle strength to blitz the house like I used to lol.
      What about the grand old duke of York? I like that one to walk up hills to (use it at work with the ladies I support).

    1. I used to have a good voice until I started smoking…I don’t sing in front of others except at work or when very drunk, but love to sing at the top of my lungs in the car 😆 xx

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