The blue badge rant

Blue Badge

The blue badge rant is one that all disabled people who use a car and have a badge make at some point.

I have a blue badge, I’m paranoid about it because some people go with the thought that I’m too young to be disabled and I’m always a little scared that they will challenge me. But at least I know that if they did…it has my photo on it, I have a condition that makes it perfectly valid and I can rant back at them about MS if really necessary.


The rant this morning is about idiots who park in disabled spaces when they have no disability and no badge. I was working last night and was trying to get parked in a disabled space but a both the ones that were available in a small car park were taken up by people one of which was a taxi.

The taxi driver came back out while I was sat there waiting and I assumed he would drive off as soon as he got back…but no. He sat there and ate his pasty instead! I found another space that was big enough for the lady I was with and me to get out of easily then we had to hobble past him.

I was so angry I actually knocked on his window and told him off….

me: you don’t have a badge you should not be parked in this space

him: If someone needs the space I’ll move

me: No, you won’t, because I sat behind you waiting for you to move and you didn’t

him: I’m sorry I didn’t see you

me: No, you didn’t because you were eating your tea instead of moving the car.

Him: *gormless open mouth completely speechless*

me: You should not be parked in this space AT ALL. This space is for people with blue badges FULL STOP not for you to nip in and grab something to eat. Move your car.

At which point I walked off and carried on doing my job disgusted with him and glaring at the woman and her kids in the next space who didn’t have a badge either!! When we came back past she was still sat there and was being told by someone else that she shouldn’t be parked there and bloody van was parked in the space the taxi had been in again with no badge!

Now this rant could get nasty so I will say this.

No Blue Badge. No Parking in a disabled space!!

Headerpage1_blue Badge

It is not for the following…..

‘I’m just nipping into the shop I won’t be long’

‘I will move if someone needs the space’

‘I’m picking someone up from just in there I’ll move once they get here’

‘There are no other spaces available’

‘I’m doing a big shop and don’t want to have to carry everything too far’

I will challenge anyone who does not have a badge in their car. This may come in the form of glaring at you or in the case of true idiocy I will knock on your window and bollock you and I am not the only one.

Do not abuse this scheme or we will lose it and there are people out there who really do need those larger spaces, stop spoiling it for those who have enough problems in their lives without you making it worse!

If someone with a worse disability comes along and asks I will actually move for them…if they have a wheelchair or an obvious big problem I will make the space available for them because I can walk if I really have to it’s just painful and difficult.

So once again….

No Blue Badge. No Parking in a disabled space!!

…unless of course you want Karma to come up and bite you on the arse so you actually do end up needing to park in one of these spaces. What goes around comes around guys and girls.


24 thoughts on “The blue badge rant

    1. Hehe glad you liked it, it’s one of my many pet peeves and with my temper at the moment he’s lucky I had one of my clients with me or he’d have had much more of a mouthful! I’m ok thanks Benjamin, got a couple of days off now to recouperate 🙂 xx

  1. you have every right to be angry and tell people to move as far as I can see. I would never park in a handicap space. It seems that people should have enough concern to not take a space from someone handicapped. I wonder about humans sometimes, well a lot of times actually.

    1. Ohhh it makes me so angry! I would never have dreamt of it before I got my badge even when I could barely walk I didn’t park in them until the badge arrived. I’m glad to hear you are one of the majority who are sensible and respect the spaces and the people who use them 🙂 I wonder about them too hun, respect seems to be disappearing at a rapid rate of knots in this world 😦 xx

      1. you know, I said you should let those people know that they shouldn’t be parking in a handicap space. But I would be careful, because in some places one could get shot arguing with someone like that. It is too bad that police are too busy to patrol areas where these spaces are. Maybe get the lisense number and tell the authorities that you expect them to get a fine

      2. Luckily round here guns aren’t likely and anyone who has them is more likely to either be in London or be driving around with the bass turned up and the stench of drugs pouring through the windows. Usually it’s silly women or middle aged men…I’m careful about who I pick my fights with, with him being a taxi driver for a company I use at work I was quite tempted to ring them and complain about him but I didn’t get the details. Thank you for your concern though hun, believe me I’m careful about who, where and when I confront over anything…overvigilance has it’s good points xx

    1. Thanks hun, I have to admit just standing up to him in person made me feel better about it. This was for all the others that I saw last night and the past week too 🙄 xx

    1. I hope so, if I see him parked in one again there will be a complaint put into his taxi company too as well as me telling him off 😉 I can but cross my fingers that it makes him not do it again for fear of a scary woman ranting at him through his taxi window 😆 xxoxx

  2. Agreed. And people who park in parent and baby bays without a child at all also infuriate me. I wouldn’t dare do either! Such arrogance! X

  3. People are really opportunistic, they do it because is comfy, handy and easy.
    You have all the right to rant, you shouldn’t have to do it if people would do things the right way.

    1. People are becoming more and more ignorant and sneaky, I once chatted to a parking warden when he checked my badge and he said he’s even caught people with their grandparents badges just to park for free! The more people challenge them the less likely they are to do it 🙂

  4. I have a parking placard and only use it on the occasions where I need it. Oftentimes I have no trouble walking and so park somewhere else, sometimes pretty far from the entrance. Even I am aware that people needier than I need that blue parking spot! In the US you get a pretty stiff ticket for parking in a handicapped spot. Of course the cop has to catch them. Maybe next time you can call the police and have the people ticketed!

    1. See that’s the thing, when my legs are working properly I leave those spaces to others. At the moment I’m in pain and the lady I support is weak so I needed to use it. If people get caught over here they get a fine too but to be honest the police are so understaffed at the moment I think I can guess they would tell me they’d come out when they could manage, by which time they would have gone. Sad but that’s the way things are at the moment. xx

  5. That makes me mad. I have a temporary permit because of the pneumonia. I had a guy challenge me about it because I didn’t look disabled. But I agree – I see people parked there without tags and it makes me mad. I WILL call the campus cops on these people. You should too. But WOW, scienerf, I am so proud of you for telling that guy off! I don’t think I would have had the nerve. Way to go, girl!

    1. See part of me would rather be challenged so I knew people were actually doing it…the more people do it the less people will feel they can park there without a badge! You go girl, ring those campus cops and get the idiots so they learn their lesson. I was just so angry at his gall that I couldn’t hold back mostly because they were making life for one of the ladies I support harder than it has to be and that I find unacceptable 👿

  6. Lots of people with mobility difficulties are being denied a renewed blue badge now. This in part due to the so called adherence to the notion of ‘degree’ off disability and in part because other disabled people don’t think anyone else should have one.These elites, who through their obvious skill at determining who’s disabled and who isn’t are playing right into the government’s fraud propaganda.

    All disabled people will lose in the end and the blue badge will become defunct. The fraud is caused by those who do not have a disability but misuse the badge accordingly. Why disabled people should be screened and lose their eligibility has nothing to do with this. Still, disabled people caused the economic troubles didn’t they????

    1. Ah a problem I know only too well…apparently you can’t be disabled if you’re young according to other drivers and the joy of the new assessments is not unknown to me. Thank fully my Neurologist and other specialists have been very helpful with the whole thing.
      I can only hope that last sentence is as sarcastic as I am reading it 😉

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