Stitch by stitch

day by day

it forms beneath my fingers

rhythmic, soothing

thread by thread

hour by hour

the picture now appears

threading, counting

pick up, put down

steady and certain

mistakes undone so easily

cutting, folding

hands remember

those ancient movements

though they feel like a strangers


15 thoughts on “Threading

  1. You getting back into cross stitching then?
    I found a crochet hook and a roll of wool yesterday, I have no idea how to knit anything with a pattern, I know a few stitches tho, so I start to “knit” while watching TV of course nothing comes out of it, all that counting keeps me from learning.

    1. I go through phases with it, usually pick it up again when my anxiety is high or my mind is overrun with things. I’m rubbish at crochet…I can do a basic stitch to do hems on knitted blankets etc but I suck at anything else to do with it…I can knit though! That reminds me I have a doggy draught excluder to finish 😛

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