the day off…



So today is a welcome day off work, it’s had it’s ups and downs but all in all I’d say it’s been good.

This morning I carried on with a bit of my cross stitch…thought I’d give you an update…you can play spot the difference with it if you feel like it πŸ™‚
snowman4This afternoon I went looking for some elastic thread that I know I have somewhere…I found no sign of it but I know it must be hanging around somewhere. I want to fix a bracelet for one of the ladies that I support so she can wear it for Christmas…it has bells on it and everything πŸ™‚

Instead when I went rummaging in my study aka the place where paperwork goes to die I found this…

430831_10151275349134484_1939190331_nThe piece of carpet that I have down over the tiles in there has been mangled…..


Now I know it can’t have been Toby because well honestly the place is hard to get into at the moment and there would have been a massive mess if he had done this, so there is only one conclusion……I have rodents.

I’ve started cleaning up in there and trying to find more evidence and I found it…only one tiny little piece of it but one little mouse dropping. Unfortunately where there is one there will always be more as I move all the rubbish around and where there is one mousey there is always more of them too!

For those of you that have never had the pleasure of needing to know…rat and mouse droppings

Mouse and rat droppings aren’t that different, mostly it’s the size and a slight variation in the shape. I’ve seen rat droppings (there will probably still be some in the loft if you want a real photo of them) and these are definitely mousey ones.

Ah well after the anxiety of my mess having allowed rodents to make a home in my house Β calmed down and began tidying…I haven’t got far as there is sooo much to do, but I’m determined to get there.

Next came a phone call on the house phone. Anyone who knows me tries my mobile first so I usually assume that any phone call during the day is telesales and they get short shrift. But and I’m so happy to be able to say this, the phone call was from the community mental health team who assessed me nearly two months ago! Finally they have made a decision and are going to refer me on to the psychiatric team as they feel they wouldn’t be able to help me as much as I’m going to need. He couldn’t apologise for how long it has taken them enough and I think he must have been feeling bad about it because his stutter kicked off as he was apologising bless him.

It’s one less worry on my mind, I told him that my mood has been getting lower and lower so I was so glad to hear from him and he gave me the number for SPA or what used to be known as the crisis team just in case it gets too bad.

He listened to me…even though he’s not my therapist, he listened and for that I am so grateful to him and nearly ended up in tears. Just to be listened to, not judged, not panicked about because of it but just listened to…it meant so much.

I’ve taken Toby for a quick walk where he got to have a chat with Molly one of his favourite Heinz 57’s that lives on the next street. It might have been through the gate but he was still happy to see her and she was giddy as anything to say hello to him. Now I need to take some pain killers as the walking has kicked off my feet pain…not badly because we took it easy, but enough to warrant a naproxen me thinks.

The cleaning will have to recommence and I’ll search out a mouse trap…I know I have one somewhere…hopefully though just me being in and out of there will be enough to deter the little furries. I wish Toby was a ratter breed and would hunt them down for me!


13 thoughts on “the day off…

    1. They do bless them and I can’t blame them for trying…but do they have to eat my carpet? At least the rats just hung out in the walls and loft…loads of insulation up there for them to play in. I think it’s a killer trap…I feel guilty about it but the humane ones mean I just put them back in the garden and they saunter back in :S Thanks hun, I just have to wait for the referral to come through now, won’t be till after new years I would have thought but at least I know it’s coming πŸ™‚ xx

  1. Really happy for that call you received, I hope you get to see a good one this time.
    As for the mice, get a wild hungry cat.
    In Seville mice are not common at all, probably because if too hot or who knows, however, there are plenty of huge roaches.

  2. Good news about the call! I really love that cross stitch. I am trying to find one for us to do for Cat this Xmas but am finding it hard to find one that is just right. xx

    1. Shame I can’t let you rummage through my collection of cut out patterns from cross stitch magazines! (yes I was a bit OCD about that sort of thing at one point and the reason I don’t buy them any more lol) What sort of thing are you looking for? xx

  3. Great news about the call and the cross stitch looks good! Mummy wishes she could sew but she’s not very good at that sort of thing.
    Hope you get your mouse problem sorted soon. You could try one of those sonic mouse deterrents if you don’t want to use the traditional traps.

    1. Ooh not heard of those…are they like the ones that keep cats out of the garden? It might be worth a try…unless it sends Toby bonkers lol. Shame your mum never got the hang of sewing I find it really relaxing! that and knitting ohh and machine sewing is really fun. πŸ˜›

  4. So glad I read this post, and to hear about that phonecall, but not about the mice!
    A number of years ago I had absolutely no money, and was living in some dinghy rooms above shops, and the place was infested by mice. Being a pacifist and vegetarian, I couldn’t kill them, so I got one of those tunnel traps which just trap them inside (peanut butter is a really good bait btw). I’d hear the trap go off, take it downstairs and release the mouse. In the end the traps were going off so frequently, I just opened the window and let them fly! They always scampered away, probably straight back up the downpipe to my rooms, I think they thought it was a game! But I hated it, being so vigilant, I was constantly seeing movements from the corner of my eye, it was hell. And that’s apart from all the hygiene issues. . . so I empathize with you greatly, hope you find a way to get rid of them.
    Hope the pain is better. Take care my friend xox

    1. We used to have them in my parents house every year when the weather got cold…my parents weren’t so humane with the little furries. They probably did go straight back into your flat but I can’t blame you for trying to do it that way, I do it with spiders and I know they will come on back into the house πŸ™„
      I haven’t actually seen any movement and I don’t know whether the damage was old or new so I’ll just have to hope. The pain is less thank you, it’s getting better slowly but surely and at least this is something I know should go away eventually πŸ™‚ I’m glad you had a read of this one too…this blog is usually a bit safer and less ‘down’ than the other one xoxox

      1. Glad the pain’s subsiding, and also that you’re not seeing any movement (I just remembered I used to hear them too, scurrying across the wooden floors while I was in bed, yuck!). I read and like both your blogs, I have just found it a little hard to leave comments lately, and be positive. The other blog isn’t ‘down’, just honest, and I value people who write with honesty.
        Take care xx

      2. The rats used my walls as a highway to get to the loft, I had to sit listening to them knowing there was no way I could get to them an no idea how they got in there! Don’t worry about not being able to comment much it’s just good to know you’re around πŸ™‚ I try to be as honest on here as I can be…it’s the only place I can a lot of the time so I make the most of it and all of you who understand.
        You too hunny xoxox

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