And I’m back again…

Been AWOL for a while this week again…lots of shifts, lots to do and got none of the stuff that I needed to do for myself done until today!

my one and only reference to this....
my one and only reference to this….

I woke up at 4 am for some unknown reason, managed to catch another hour or so later in the morning but oh I wish I could have made myself actually go to bed!

So…off to the supermarket at 8.30am, it was bedlam I tell you BEDLAM! People filling those big trolleys as if it was the last day the place would be open for months! Luckily I only needed a few essentials so I could use the fast lane…ah all hail to the fast lane and people who don’t over stock their cupboards in time for the midwinter festival we all suffer through enjoy. Luckily I wasn’t getting veggies and meat there…that’s what the small farm shop round the corner is for! So that was the next stop…meat and veggies galore an awful lot cheaper than the big supermarkets too.

I need some lessons from this guy!
I need some lessons from this guy!

Home again and everything got unpacked just in time for my mum coming round with a few cards that had gone to her house rather than mine and to have a coffee. She’s taken a couple of cards to pass around her way and I’ll have to write some more to post today even if they won’t get there before Tuesday. She’s also nabbed the old rugs to clean them for me.

I think all of the pressies I need for the clan have successfully been acquired and part of today will be spent wrapping them up.

It’s been a tough week again but…Toby has been there for me and I’ve even had a letter to confirm that I’ll be getting some help…told my mum today and got that worried I have no idea what to say look on her face. I’m determined that one of these days she will accept that I have problems and not for her to panic over every little issue that comes up when she asks about them.

So truuueee
So truuueee

I thought some nice photos would help today and this final one…oh it’s so true. We need to remind ourselves of this sometimes.


We have been through some bloody tough things in our lives and we need to respect ourselves for coming through them as well as we have. We may be a little messed up after it all but our strength shows through.

People can try to judge us, but until they have walked in our shoes they can have no right to say anything about it….so let me suggest….


I’m on a photo posting rampage, I saw so many on FB last night that seemed to fit me perfectly I had to share some of them!

Oh and one other thing.


I’m crazy and I know it! 😉


8 thoughts on “And I’m back again…

  1. good to hear from you! I have been watching for a post from you. Thankfully because of Facebook, I can assure myself that you are surviving at least lol. Thanks for your selection of images to go with your post. They gave me a smile this morning! 😉

    1. Lol FB comes in handy for things like that! Even if you only see one post a day from someone, you know they’re still around 😛 I like to do the odd post that’s all the silly things I’ve seen recently that made me smile, glad they got you smiling too! xx

  2. I knew there was a reason, cause I’m ‘fuckin CRAZY TOO!’ 🙄
    I find it amazing why people buy up so big at this time of year too, it’s not as if shops don’t open at all, and it’s only one or two days.
    Must be so nice to come home to Toby’s happy face, I’m glad you have him in your life.
    Hope you get some rest, love to you ♡

    1. It made all the difference when I got back from work today to have his nose and wagging tail be the first thing I saw when I walked i the door. Last shift before Christmas successfully negotiated. Lots of days off now with the odd shift thrown in. It will tke a day or so for my body and mind to adjust to the idea that I’m not having to go into work or do anything I don’t want to do! Thank you hun, love to you too xoxox

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