Santa paws came! Toby must have been a good boy this year.

Well of course he has been. My little man is an angel in a furry coat (most of the time)

I didn’t sleep well Christmas eve….sleep for an hour, awake for a few more, sleep for a couple, wake up early…highly unfair I didn’t hear the sleigh bells jingle and I was listening!

When he finally decided that it was time to get up and go out in the garden for his constitutional…I made a pile of all his presents on the floor. The good little boy he is he had a quick sniff then left them alone until I got down on the floor with him.

Are all these for me?
Are all these for me?
They are? are you sure?
They are? are you sure?
Thank you! thank you thank you thank you mummy! Help me open them please!
Thank you! thank you thank you thank you mummy! Help me open them please!

Every present he snuffled open he trotted off with to his bed in the corner, squeaked them a few times got very very giddy and then came running back to me to find out what was next!



Once he finished opening them all up he finally calmed down and would pose for a decent photo!


Thank you Santa Paws! I promise I'll be just as good next year!
Thank you Santa Paws! I promise I’ll be just as good next year!

After break fast we played with a few of them and got ready to go to see the rest of the family.

But it's Christmas mum surely I can sit in your spot just this once?
But it’s Christmas mum surely I can sit in your spot just this once?

We were the first ones there and he even managed to not be sick until we got out of the car….good start so far!

Not long after we got there his cousin Tess arrived and the two of them did a very giddy doggy dance around the garden and in the house saying hello to each other and everyone else. Shame I didn’t get any more photos after this but I kept forgetting to take my phone out!

Toby was spoilt rotten and so was Tess…they love to swap and change pressies so towards the end of the day we always have to separate the toys as best as we can remember!

He behaved himself really well with only one warning growl to Tess when she had finished her rawhide cracker and came to see if he’d finished with his (she’s a Labrador and truly greedy when she feels like it!).

We were both shattered by the time to go home and we flopped out last night in front of the telly until time to go to sleep. Now it’s time for me to go through the toy box and get rid of the old ones to make room for the new ones…because some of them have lasted all year but are definitely in need of binning!

Not a bad haul this year huh?
Not a bad haul this year huh?
Home made treats from Tessies mum and dad... Toby loves them!
Home made treats from Tessies mum and dad… Toby loves them!

I hope you all had a lovely day and have some nice chilled out plans for Boxing day to play with your new toys and relax.

Me, I’m watching films and doing some cross stitch….want an update?

I'm getting there! lots of sparkly stitches and outline to do :P
I’m getting there! lots of sparkly stitches and outline to do 😛

Still having problems with the reader and commenting…I keep trying but if I haven’t been on your posts for a few days that’s why. Sometimes I’m lucky and it will let me other times everything crashes and I’m left pouting at the screen.

So lots of love from Toby and I and hopefully it will all be sorted soon so I can managed to get back to normal!








17 thoughts on “Santa paws came! Toby must have been a good boy this year.

  1. Doggy only got a ball, he loves that thing.
    Those treats look really good, I could eat them.
    I’m also having problems with the reader, it doesn’t load all blogs and get stuck.
    We’ll see how the commenting goes.

    1. I’m trying this reply from the dashboard to see if it makes a difference lol.
      Toby seems to love the small squeaky penguin…would have been happy with just that! Hope you both had a good day 🙂 xx

  2. Wonderful post! Glad your Christmas was pleasent. I too am having hell with WP. Can’t do much without the pc freezing. I hope they fix it soon. xxx

  3. What a lovely post. Toby is one lucky dog! Glad you both had a good day.

    Don’t go into the Reader. Because it’s not working and constantly reloading, it will fill up your memory, and that’s what makes everything go slow and crash. If you have a quick look there to check for new posts, then go back to notifications screen or dashboard, it stops reloading and freezing. I saw your entries in the forums, I’m hoping now that Christmas is over, they’ll actually listen to the complaints and correct it.

    Much love to you and Toby. xox

    1. Thank you 🙂 I hope the title was enough of a warning about what you’d likely find in it photo wise!
      I’ve been shutting the reader as soon I go into a post to try and stop it from stalling the whole thing, it seems to be working most of the time. Hopefully they will listen, surely they must take the hint when so many people are having trouble with it. As you say now that people should be going back to work things might get sorted.
      Love to you too hunny, I hope things are calming back down again for you too xoxox

      1. Thankyou! I thought that’s why you put Toby’s name in the title.

        Don’t go to posts directly from the Reader, because the Reader stays open while you do this, so keeps on reloading, and that’s why your computer slows down when you try to comment. I can’t believe they are taking so long, I think they will lose people if they don’t do something soon.

        And thanks, trying for a calm day today! xox

  4. Awww 🙂 Really nice to see your Toby have such a good Xmas. My Toby (technically the “family” dog) is obviously not someone I will be seeing ever again. I used to spoil him at Xmas too. You have the patience of a saint with that cross stitch. The little one I did for Cat tested me enough!! Mainly because it used so many different variants of the colour grey I ended up completely messing up the template and just doing my own thing lol xx

    1. He did, he loves all the attention and having another doggy to play with. 😦 you can never replace a dog…but I can’t remember whether you have any pets of your own…might be a good way to bring the inners together in caring for it and getting the love they give?
      Hehe I’ll have to try and take a picture of the big one I’m still working on for my mum…it’s huuuge! The first one I ever did was a highland cow about the size of the one you made cat, all different browns and it drove me crazy! Nothing wrong with having to improvise 😉 I’m having to do it on the little boys hands at the moment because I went wrong lol xoxox

  5. That’s so sweet! I’m glad you and Toby had a good time. Toby looks sweet with his presents and toy in the other pic. Cute presents 🙂

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