Blessed to be bonkers

Now the title of this post was something I said the other day to Elyn.

‘We are blessed to be bonkers in this day and age’

I could do this post two ways…so I’ll need to do two drafts and see how things go.

My artwork at work

I am bonkers, most people I know are bonkers in one way or another whether in a way that is socially acceptable or one that is a little more likely to be hidden through fear of recrimination. I have always known I was ‘different’ from the people around me, that I didn’t quite fit in and oh how it hurt and still does sometimes.

But…those of us with these problems are coming out of the woodwork, we are speaking up and trying to be heard. Even 20 years ago I would have hidden my problems in shame. 50 years ago I would have been locked away for behaving the way I have and given electroshock. 100 years ago I would have never seen daylight again more than likely and 200 years ago I would possibly have been burned at the stake or stoned for the way I am and what I believe.

If I had hidden all the thoughts in my brain? well then I would have married, had children, lived within the confines of the way the world was, never spoken out and probably ended up either killing myself or ending my days the crazy old widow woman with a whole load of cats.

I am blessed to be bonkers in these times, when mental health is coming to be understood. Treatments are aimed to help not simply remove the problem. We retrain our minds, we find ways to come to terms with the problems we have whether medicinally or through speaking about them. I wonder what it will be like in another 20 years, whether we will still be treating MH like we do now or there will be (what would be seen now as) a miracle cure!

Why did I make that statement in the first place? Because of this form of interaction and those like it. Without them I would more than likely not be here today. I have been using the online forums and blogs for ten years to help me cope with my mental and physical health. I have met some of the greatest most caring people in these places and though they had never seen me in person they took the time to help me.

They couldn’t cure me just as I could not cure them, they had and have their own problems and yet…there they were, day and night always someone around and willing to give a shoulder to cry on or simply an ear to bend. They, you have been my saviours, my friends, my therapists, my family through the many ups and downs of my life and have a place in my heart that will always be there.

Even that sentence would be seen as strange not ten years ago, how times change and the strange becomes the normal, the weird becomes accepted and the downright insane becomes average.

I at least now understand there is no such thing as normal, that every person you meet or see on the street has a problem or two it’s just that some of us struggle with more than the average.

We’ll struggle on together, bonkers together in a bonkers world full of bonkers ideas and bonkers people.

Blessed to be bonkers.


5 thoughts on “Blessed to be bonkers

  1. Well I think you amazing, and I agree a million percent with so much of what you’ve said above immnot even sure how or if to start. So I’ll just say thank you for being you and accepting me.

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