I’ve managed to finish the Snowman cross stitch 🙂 I’ve just ordered a wall hanger to mount it though I haven’t decided whether to use a hanger or a frame yet…we’ll see when it gets here!

snowman finished


Now it’s time to start again on one that has been unfinished for far too long. I started a piece years ago for my mothers 60th birthday (she’s now 62 oops) and it’s still not finished! I misjudged how large and complicated it would be to do.

321270_10151293786504484_549781903_nIt doesn’t help that the instructions are partly in Mandarin, the pattern is so small I have to strain to figure out what the symbols are and half the time said symbols are only slightly different colours so I keep getting muddled!

It will probably take me months more to finish it and if I know myself at all…I’ll get annoyed at it again and put it to one side for a while longer. Maybe she’ll get it for her 70th birthday.




12 thoughts on “Stitching…

  1. congrats on finishing the snowmans! The other one looks like it would be extremely complicated. When it is finished, I am sure your mother will be so pleased at your work! 😉

    1. Thank you 🙂 She saw the work in progress today and jokingly said….’why don’t you just cut it down to a more manageable size!’ Wish I’d thought of that sooner lol

  2. It turned out so good!
    Wow, your Mum’s one looks like a life long project, but will be beautiful once it’s done.
    I have so many WIPs [work in progress] stored away, every time I see your posts about these, it inspires me to get them out – then the thought slips my mind!! 🙄
    One day!

    1. haha this is just the tip of the iceberg! I have WIPs all over the place 😉 It’s getting there…maybe one day it’ll be done lol just call me fickle and scatter brained 😆 Thank you xx

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