Blessed to be bonkers

Take two….I had two ideas of how to cover this idea and this is number two….number one is on the other blog.


We are blessed to be bonkers

in this day and age

we are blessed to be bonkers

not locked in a cage

We see things as only

can be seen through our eyes

we’re really the ones

who are blessed to be wise

We’re slightly bananas

but what’s wrong with this

when this means I see more

than the average Miss

Do you know where I’m coming from with this? Well I think I’ve mentioned it before, that having been through all these problems and apparently as part of the BPD I have an empathy to others emotions, hyper-vigilance to my surroundings and a much greater understanding of what others are going through.


As a support worker this has come in very handy when dealing with their Mental health issues, even when it means I pick up so well on their anxiety that I almost have a panic attack myself…at least I understand what they’re going through and have the techniques under my belt to help them cope with it. To be able to talk someone else through their problems, to pick up on when they really need that extra bit of support and they can tell if a person has that ability too.

We as the people who have been there, are still there, understand that people will be in denial or just plain hiding those problems. We seem to seek each other out without even trying, I’ve been a nutter magnet as long as I can remember, bringing them to me on buses, in pubs, walking down the street and giving them those few minutes of time they seem to crave.

Ever found that you have kids gravitating towards you? Yes? want to guess why? Well I say it’s because we’re in touch with our inner child more than the average person walking down the street. We can be silly, see the beauty in the world as they do, see the innate fear in certain circumstances that adults have become immune to.

Who else but someone who is bonkers could agree with a child that there really is a monster under their bed and help them come up with a way to fight it without just trying to convince them it’s not really there?

If you ever watched Patch Adams then you’ll know what I’m talking about…I just realised I missed it off my list of films to do with mental health…how could I! It’s fabulous and makes me wish more doctors were a little bit bonkers.

So what do you reckon…are we blessed to be bonkers? Can you see the positive in our nuttiness? the good in our crazy? I may be bonkers to even think that I can, but if I can convince myself of this on a bad day it may just help to at least alleviate some of the shame that people try to make me feel about it.

Out of the closet we come, the bonkers ones, the ones who see the world through childlike eyes and from a past filled with more than the average person will have dealt with.

We are intelligent.

We are in touch with our inner selves.

We are blessed.

We are bonkers.


17 thoughts on “Blessed to be bonkers

  1. Wow! Two posts from a throwaway line! It was a good line though! 😉
    I’m a ‘nutter magnet’ too, oh!, the stories I could tell you 🙄
    This is such a good post, reminding us that sometimes what we see as our weakness can actually be a strength to help others.
    Thankyou, my Bonkers Buddy xox

    1. Ah the smallest things can make the most fun posts to write 😛
      Did I ever tell you about the ex-sailor I met in a pub who fed milk to a stuffed animal and wrote my friend and I poems…he was lovely hehe.
      Thank you, I’m so glad my bonkers group on here like my bonkers post, all my love to you, you lovable nutter 😉 xx

  2. Haha, “nutter magnet”! That’s so true for me, or has been. I don’t attract them as much anymore since becoming healthier and getting much better boundaries. Back when I had no personal boundaries though, yes, I was a “nutter magnet”! LMAO

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