Paranoia Island travel brochure **TW just in case**

Hi there….I wrote this as part of a well…darker post but have decided that this need to be understood by more people. Be warned, it is still dark, it still may make you feel a bit weirded out but…it’s truly what someone may go through when suffering with paranoia, written by someone who has been there.




Welcome to  Paranoia Island!

All are welcome to visit this wonderful idyllic land, though be warned some people never leave! This little leaflet will give you an introduction to the attractions, places, people and features you might enjoy while you’re here.

You’ll have noticed as you entered that everyone was watching you, isn’t that great? Everyone here will be keeping an eye on you at all times, watching your every move and making sure that you’re making the most of your time. Yes even in your bedroom there will be cameras hidden in discreet places so you don’t notice them and can go about your activities in the knowledge that we will always know what you are doing. I wouldn’t bother searching for them, you’ll never find them, we’re too good at what we do!


Some people ask why we go to all this trouble just for you? Well the answer is simple, we like to watch you find your way through everything here on Paranoia Island! It’s entertaining for us to watch what you might do or say next and to see if we can push you to breaking point while you’re here!


The activities we offer are varied and tailored to you. We will make sure that you are never bored, coming up with exciting and thrilling experiences for you to take part in. You won’t be warned about them but you’ll know when we’ve arranged something special, how could you not?

They will be things that could only happen to you, things that build up on the feeling of our control over your life to the point where you will have no way to deny to yourself that you are on ‘Paranoia Island’.

The inhabitants and workers

The people, oh the people. You’ll love them, they are all under our control and will make sure to interrupt you at just the right time, say just the right words and do the right things to make your experience here complete. They will make sure to guide you the way we have designed your stay and guess what, they will all either be people you have known for years or at least look and sound like them to make sure you are comfortable.

Had enough?

When you’ve had your fill of Paranoia Island and you want to leave…well as we said right at the start a lot of the time people never leave. They get so involved in all our activities and the people we surround them with that they just never go anywhere. Sometimes people really do want to leave but our exits aren’t clearly marked and it can take some time to get to them, we suggest that you hire one of the helpers available to show you where they are.

If you try to exit then we wish you good luck but are sure you’ll be back! Once you’ve been here the memory will live with you for the rest of your life. You will always wonder about the time you spent here, whether and how you ever left! We bet that you will end up visiting us again at some point and we’ll welcome you with open arms each time gripping you in the tightest embrace of long lost friends.

Have a great time in Paranoia Island, we’ll be doing everything we can just watch out for the signs!


12 thoughts on “Paranoia Island travel brochure **TW just in case**

    1. Ah the joys of delusional paranoia. Don’t bother looking you’ll never find them! (I’ve tried 🙄 )
      Realised that people may not realise why I’d written this without the original introduction to it, so I’ve added a little bit to the start just in case.
      Hope you’re ok, Mel xx

    1. Sorry you found it so scary, that seems to be what most people feel when they read it. I think I’ve kind of got used to it over the years! I hope you’re ok after reading it.

    1. Thank you hun, it seems to be scaring people quite a lot though! I tried to make it as not scary as I could but I guess it’s one of those things that people who haven’t been through it find more scary than those who have? xoxox

      1. And that’s one of the reasons why this post is so good, because you show how scary it is to go through this. A lot of people have no comprehension of this side of mental illness, and the fear people experience. You have described a fear I feel every day, and others may feel too, so we can identify with your words, find comfort in this, and normalize our experience. ♡
        P.S. I sent you an email, re these two posts

      2. That’s my hope dear one, bringing these things out into the open is the only way to fight them sometimes, to show each other we are there and not as abnormal as we think 🙂
        I got your email, thank you! have done some adjusting and replied to you too….hate it when they change things I get all confussled! lol xoxox

  1. Stunning piece of writing. We have a few Insiders who suffer paranoia, and it’s so hard for them. Most of us suffer extreme social phobia, which has us believing that everyone’s watching us and judging us all the time. That’s scary enough.
    Thanks for giving us such a good insight into what it’s like to live with paranoia. And for being another person who says confussled 😉


    1. Thank you. Paranoia is horrible, I would never have believed how horrible until I experienced it. I’m sorry to hear so many of you struggle with something similar but I’m glad you all have the internal support network to fall back on.
      I like to try and help people feel that they’re not alone and getting those who’ve never felt some of these things to understand what’s going on. Understanding is the first step to acceptance.
      Hehe I love confussled it’s possibly my most used word at the moment 😛 xx

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