Toby takes over…again

Well now I’ve decided to sneak on here while my mum’s not looking. I think you people who take up so much of her time when she could be on the floor with me need updating on what I’ve been up to.

I had a great Christmas! Lots of presents, lots of food and getting to play with the whole pack at Grandma and Grandads house. Tess and I did a bit of swapping and changing with all our new toys bol, had a run around the muddy garden and ate some very tasty food.

I’ve decided which toy was my favourite


Pengi, the little squeaky penguin, I love him to bits and can’t stop playing with him. My mum can’t believe he’s my favourite out of all of them and has been sighing a lot when I’m playing with it. I don’t know why she gets so grumpy when the phone rings and I grab him and give him a great big squeak to announce that I’m here!

Now…my mum has been mentioning something I know we all dread. The B word! I don’t like that idea in the slightest and my hopes that she would just forget about the whole idea when a package arrived this morning.

I greeted the postman with my usual happy barking dance, don’t know why I’m never allowed to meet them and ask them to come in and play with me but that’s just my mums strange ways I guess. Anyway the package was brought into the living room and my mum opened it while I played with Pengi, she giggled a little when she held it up and took this photo…


For some reason I’m suspicious of this bottle…it smells really good but why would it make her smile and look at me with that calculating expression?

Anyone else thinking that this might not bode well for me today?

Ah well, I hope you all had a marvellous Christmas and a barking New year! I’m off to curl up on my chair again until it’s time for walkies 😛


She got me….

I'm not in a good mood with her now
I’m not in a good mood with her now

165810_10151300900819484_1846937877_nI think I deserve a treat or three now, I didn’t want to get in but I was good once I did. Oh and the shampoo smelled so nice I just had to have a lick at it once she’d rinsed me off!

Still not impressed though.


13 thoughts on “Toby takes over…again

  1. Hugs Toby! I love your Pengi, what a cute toy. As for the bath, just remember you will be so handsome and smell so nice once it’s done. Give Mom licks and cuddles for me and have a wonderful day! xxx

    1. Wags and licks to you and my mum will get cuddles once I forgive her and dry off (see the post script) I’m sure it’s only because she’s bored waiting around for the doctor to ring BOL! xx

  2. awww!! Toby, I know that you don’t like the idea of getting in the water for your mum to use the new great smelling shampoo. But like I tell my Sasha, it will only take a few minutes and then you will feel so much better! Getting clean will boost your confidence and make you feel great! Plus, after a bath, you dogs have such fun running through the house with all your might trying to get dry. It looks like such fun when my dog does it! I wish you could meet my dog. She loves other dogs and loves to play. She wouldn’t take away any of your toys either!
    Glad you had a great Christmas! Now, I am counting on you to always be there and take care of mum and be a good companion to her. She really needs and loves you! Yes, you are very important! xx

    1. Too woofing right I’m important! Just like your Sasha, us dogs are the centre of our humans worlds you know.
      She got me…see the post script I just added…I was good though and am as we speak licking myself on the carpet trying to see if any more of that tasty shampoo is still lingering around.
      Wags and licks to you and Sasha xoxox

  3. I feel your pain Toby! Make sure you get LOTS of treats. Doesn’t matter how nice and clean you are, it’s the indignity of it!
    Love your penguin toy btw:-) I like to squeak my squeaky toy early in the morning to wake everyone up, strangely it’s recently gone missing…!

    1. Oh I have been, she doesn’t want to let me out for a long play until I’m all dry…spoil sport! so we’ve been doing some training with the home made treats I got for Christmas (nom nom nom) I’m turning into a big fluff ball as I dry…mum seems to like the feel of my coat like this but I’m determined to get it back to normal as soon as possible! Squeaking a squeaky toy to wake people up is as essential as the cold nose on the hand technique BOL 😆

  4. Ah Toby, you’re a star! And so very clever to be able to blog, have you thought of going on YouTube? bol [ I presume this stands for bark out loud! 😆 ]
    Keep doing what you’re doing Toby, you help your Mum so much ♡
    9And the honey and oatmeal would have been great for your skin!)

    1. Oh I’m a clever boy, my mummy tells me so every day! BOL which does indeed stand for bark out loud
      The honey and oatmeal was my mums plan to help with my bad skin…we’ll see. Part of me hopes it won’t work or she’ll be making this B thing a regular occurrence! Wags to you xox

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